• Review Wingspan - A Fun And Compulsive Card Game

    For the birds, or really falcon good?

    Birdwatching used to be the domain of the socially ostracised. One of the go-to spod hobbies, along with trainspotting and, well, Warhammer. But now the tides have changed. The spods have the power. Former social pariahs are now cultural arbiters. Being into comics is cool, now. In this world gone topsy-turvy,...



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    Review Die for Valhalla!

    I live. I die. I live again

    In 1991, Jaleco published Avenging Spirit for arcades and one year later for the humble Game Boy. What set this cute platformer apart from the rest of the bunch was the ability to possess enemies, thus offering up a varied roster of characters with different abilities to navigate each level. So it's a pleasant surprise to...