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    Virtual Console / TurboGrafx-16

    Review SimEarth: The Living Planet

    Put the weight of the world in your hands...

    The simulation genre has come a long way - maybe not so much in the area of depth, as that's always been there. Where it has really progressed is in presentation: nowadays it’s no longer up to the player to have enough imagination to fill in the gaps left by technical limitations. Unfortunately, those...


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    Review SimCity Creator

    Creating your own city isn't nearly as fun as it sounds.

    When the Virtual Console launched alongside the Wii in November 2006, SimCity was the flagship title for the SNES. Though the graphical limitations of the SNES resulted in a rather dated experience, the core gameplay held strong and the game managed to show newcomers to the franchise that it...


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    Review The Sims 2: Castaway

    "Not another Sims game," Sammy screamed, "When will they ever learn?"

    I think it’s pretty bloody important to state at the start of this review that I hate The Sims. I always have done and I always will do. It’s unstructured, overly pointless and just straight up dull. However I have to admit that the AI on the PC versions (at the time) was...


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    Review The Sims 2: Castaway

    EA's best selling franchise relocates to a somewhat less comfortable environment - but is this a situation worth surviving?

    In the modern world of capitalism it’s a commonly accepted fact that when a company hits upon a successful concept they’ll flog it for all it’s worth. This is clearly demonstrated by EA’s highly lucrative Sims franchise...