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    Review Alien Puzzle Adventure

    Connect three puzzle action returns to DSiWare.... again

    Puzzlers are a dime a dozen on DSiWare. They range from connect three games like A Little Bit Of... Puzzle League to simple bubble-popping in Pop Plus: Solo. Now we have Alien Puzzle Adventure, Mastertronic's second title for the service. Does it do enough to stand out from the crowd? Not...


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    Review Super Yum Yum: Puzzle Adventures

    Fairly yummy

    First released for mobile phones and iPhone, Super Yum Yum is a puzzle game in which you play as Leon the chameleon, attempting to recover all your children and your large supply of fruit, all of which have been stolen by Ms. Tum Tum, a big blue creature with a large appetite. After a quick tutorial level you'll be thrust into action...