• Video We Get Confused By Shinobi Refle -Senran Kagura-

    "Is this a boss fight?"

    It's fair to say that the Senran Kagura series is something of an acquired taste thanks to its large-chested protagonists and their various states of undress, but plenty of people are "into it", as is evidenced by the rather swift manner in which the franchise has made its way to Switch.  Shinobi Refle -Senran...







  • News This is Why New Little King's Story Isn't on Wii

    Royal pardon

    Little King's Story remains a firm Wii favourite here at Nintendo Life. After all, how could you not love a game about a tiny king that deals with unemployment by day and bashes in gigantic mushrooms by night? It made us royal blue, then, that a sequel never came to Nintendo's system; in fact, follow up New Little King's Story chose to...




  • News Time to Nurture a Few Animal Resort Game Details

    If by chance we raise a camel with no humps, we're calling it Humphrey

    Whilst it's easy to get carried away with games we'd like to see on the upcoming 3DS system, let's not forget about the games that are actually confirmed from developers. The 3D handheld has far from failed to get us hyped about action-orientated games, but what of the more relaxed, simulation titles? Marvelous has so far..

  • News Harvest Moon and Little King's Story Creators Join Grasshopper

    Suda51, Kimura and Wada create new dream team

    Goichi Suda's Grasshopper Manufacture should need no introduction to fans of Japanese gaming: its No More Heroes series has attracted plenty of praise from gamers across the world. Former Marvelous Entertainment men Yasuhiro Wada and Yoshiro Kimura, while not necessarily such familiar names, have both...

  • News Marvelous "Working to Meet Needs" of Little King's Story Fans

    But what does that mean?

    Little King's Story may have been our joint Game of the Year 2009 but that didn't translate into massive sales at the tills, and things got worse for fans when co-developer Cing went into administration in early 2010. It looked as though Corobo's story stopped there, but an interview with Tomio Kanazawa, Marvelous...

  • News Marvelous Willing to Bring Muramasa: The Demon Blade to the 3DS

    Company also confirms 3DS Harvest Moon title and zoo life game Animal Resort

    There are certain games that we'd love to see on the 3DS purely because playing them on a handheld system is enticing enough. Then there are games that will surely benefit from the extra punch that the 3D effect will provide – and Muramasa: The Demon Blade could be of them. When Siliconera spoke to Tomio Kanazawa, group..


  • News Nintendo of Japan Showcases Wii Line-up in New Video

    Includes footage of (presumably) a new Rhythm Heaven game

    As part of their recent conference, Nintendo of Japan's just released a video showcasing some hotly anticipated games in the upcoming Japanese Wii line-up. Everything from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword to Super Mario Collection Special Pack and Mario Sports Mix



  • Nintendo Download 27 & 28 April (Japan)

    World Game Parade comes to a close, bountiful VC and lots of DSiWare, next week in Japan

    WiiWareKatamuki Spirits (500pts - Marvelous) – Whilst it may have a fancier sounding name, this is of course DK Games' Equilibrio re-badged as the final entry in Marvelous Entertainment's World Game Parade. We certainly thought it was a fun marble rolling game as seen in our Equilibrio review

  • Nintendo Download 13th & 14th April 2010 (Japan)

    Scribbling and monster fish for Wii, with a bit of zookeeping for the DSi next week in Japan

    Japan's release schedule this year has calmed quite a bit from the dozen-plus release weeks seen last year, but even so next week is more akin to some of the droughts seen in Europe and North America in the past with only three downloads across both Wii and DSi next week; two of which are catch-up titles..

  • First Impressions Bit.Man!!

    Carrying the standard for a forgotten genre

    Back in the early 80s the "maze" game was a popular genre both in arcades and on home consoles, featuring a fixed screen and expected mechanics of navigating a character around hazards whilst collecting objects. Once platforming and adventure games took off, the maze game all but vanished; even...




  • News Arc Rise Fantasia Coming to Wii Summer 2010

    Check out the details on the upcoming Wii RPG exclusive.

    Ignition Entertainment and Marvelous Entertainment have just announced that they'll be bringing the hit Japanese RPG Arc Rise Fantasia to US gamers sometime in summer 2010. The game has already garnered much praise at this year's E3 Expo and looks to be a great turn-based RPG addition to the...