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    Review Ghost Mania

    Bustin' makes us feel meh

    Ghost Mania is the WiiWare reincarnation of an iPhone game called Spooky Spirits: Puzzle Drop!! This new version of the game features updated graphics and sound in addition to redesigned levels and an additional multiplayer mode, but was it worth exhuming those old bones? Is there life in this one yet, or is it an...


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    Review Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941: Red Sun Rising

    The dawn of a promising new WiiWare franchise

    Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941: Red Sun Rising, one of the most anticipated WiiWare games of the year, wowed observers with screenshots that seemed far too impressive to be possible in a downloadable Wii title. In a field mostly populated by mini-game collections with simplistic graphics, Pearl Harbor...


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    Review The Three Musketeers: One For All!

    This week, Alexandre Dumas makes his WiiWare debut. Next week: Crime and Punishment Party!

    When it was first announced, The Three Musketeers: One For All! was the subject of much anticipation on the part of the WiiWare community, simply because it belonged a mysteriously under-represented genre: the action platformer. This earned it a lot of...