• Mini Review Indiecalypse - A Deeply Unpleasant Game About Games

    That joke isn't funny any more

    Humour is highly subjective, so we're quite willing to concede that you might – might – find Indiecalypse hilarious. We only wish we could say that you'll find it fun to play with the same level of confidence. This bawdy adventure sees you taking control of three nerds as they bid to make a video game. It's a...





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    Review Neonwall

    It’s all in the wrist

    Silly players should know better than to play at the arcade during a thunderstorm. There is always the off-chance that a lightning strike will teleport you inside the machine you're playing. And guess what? That's exactly what happens at the beginning of Norain Games' physics puzzle/shooting offering. Stuck inside a pinball...


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    Review Caveman Warriors

    Short but enjoyable stone-age adventure for four orsomething

    When some children from a prehistoric tribe are abducted by aliens (as is prone to happen in video games), four brave warriors set out to get them back. In gameplay terms this translates into eight levels of (mostly) platforming action as you bash a variety of baddies and avoid the...