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    Review Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts

    Flying Wii Remotes: less likely to cause injury than flying lawn darts

    A sequel to Target Toss Pro: Bags, released on WiiWare in 2008, Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts brings the same style of play to a different variety of games, this time using lawn darts. We thought the previous release was good but needed some work – did Incredible Technologies hit...


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    Review Carnival King

    Is this take on the old-fashioned carnival shooting gallery a hit or miss?

    There have been quite a few games over the years that have made use of various carnival-style shooting galleries. Some have leaned towards an arcade feel while others have gone for a more realistic experience using a light gun. Intelligent Technologies, makers of Target Toss...


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    Review Target Toss Pro: Bags

    This is one cornhole you might want to take a closer look at!

    Nintendo’s Wii Remote is truly a marvellous thing. With it you can throw a ball, swing a bat, slash with a sword, or shoot a gun. It can even make even bland, boring games more enjoyable. Thank goodness for the Wii Remote, because it makes games like Target Toss Pro: Bags not only...