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    Cold-blooded killers

    Imagine you're going about your daily routine and then all of a sudden there is an uprising. Lizard-people have come out of hiding in an attempt to wipe-out humanity once-and-for-all, and now it's up to you to grab your weapon of choice and eradicate every last one of the green shape-shifting pests. Conspiracy theories aside,...


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    Review Job the Leprechaun

    "What do I look like, me lad?"

    Job the Leprechaun is having a hard time. A witch has kidnapped his best friend, Eri, and has taken her far away, past lands filled with knights, zombies, and goblins. So Job's going to save her…eventually. First, he'll grab all the four-leaf clovers he can find, slowly moving through the poorly-defended countryside...