• Review Fuser - A Flawed, Dorky And Often Brilliant Music Game

    Disc Joycon

    The Harmonix office must be an absolute nightmare. Plastic instruments everywhere, like an elephant graveyard of peripherals, gathering dust and leaking memories of Rock Band parties long past. Do they use the fake drum sets as plant stands? Are the guitars mounted on the wall as if they used to belong to Van Halen? Or do they just chuck...


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    Switch eShop

    Review Super Beat Sports

    Aural astral alien olympics

    If you haven't heard of the original Beat Sports, don't worry - it was something of a sleeper hit. When the Apple TV first launched back in 2015, developer Harmonix was chosen to kickstart the device as a gaming platform with its rhythm-based sports compilation. From Rock Band to space sports it was a bit of a departure,...


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    Review The Beatles: Rock Band

    Here comes the fun

    We've seen the market quite saturated with numerous Rock Bands and Guitar Heroes, and at this point we’d need something extra special to pique our interest in the genre. The Beatles are happily just the right thing. They’re the perfect band for a music emulation game to take as its focus, their repertoire being one of the most...