• Review Shinobi (3DS)

    Shinobi returns for another slice of revenge

    Given the current trend of rebooting classic video game franchises it seems long overdue that SEGA should reinvent fan-favourite Shinobi, for both veteran ninja warriors and younger ninjitsu newcomers to enjoy. Entrusted with this great responsibility is developer Griptonite Games, no stranger to...


  • Review Captain America: Super Soldier (DS)

    Save the fireworks

    Stars. Stripes. Rockets' red glare and bombs bursting in air. Deer and antelope playing. America. The United States is a country with enough national pride to fuel a superhero, and that's exactly what Captain America is all about. Does his movie tie-in handheld outing Captain America: Super Soldier channel these well enough to...


  • Review Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters (3DS)

    "Anything I see in my mind, I cannot create"

    The premise behind the superhero powers of the Lantern Corps, in which a Green Lantern can use their willpower to create solid green light constructs based upon anything they imagine, is a near impossible ability to recreate in a video game. It would take a brave developer to truly innovate in a game...


  • Review Bejeweled Twist (DSiWare)

    Spin me right round, baby

    How do you change the formula on arguably the most important puzzle game since Tetris while staying true to what made it fun in the first place? Why, with a twist! Bejeweled Twist is the third entry in the hugely popular gem-matching series, and with it comes a whole slew of gameplay additions and changes. Instead of...


  • Review The Urbz: Sims in the City (DS)


    The Urbz: Sims in the City is a poorly made Sims experience. In fact, this is a completely different experience from the original Sims title. The Sims was a slow paced game where you could play God and control how people live their lives. Unfortunately, the Urbz doesn't give you the same freedom that the original Sims gave you. The...