• Nintendo Download 22nd February 2010 (North America)

    Ghost slaying, mouse housing, flight controlling and fish finding this week!

    North America is clearly the territory to envy thus far this year with weekly updates featuring a variety of downloads for the Wii and DSi. Whilst retro-gamers will bemoan the absence of any Virtual Console releases this time around, there's still a bevy of budget WiiWare...

  • News GhostSlayer Trailer Appears to Spook You

    Get your slay on with this new trailer

    Gevo Entertainment producer Lim Ming Jie has just e-mailed us here at Nintendo Life to let us know about the new trailer for the upcoming WiiWare game Ghostslayer. It's looking especially delicious, and when we get our hands on it in just a few hours we certainly hope the gameplay matches up with the footage!...

  • News GhostSlayer Slicin' and Dicin' WiiWare Next Week

    Get Ready

    Gevo Entertainment has revealed to Nintendo Life that its upcoming supernatural slasher GhostSlayer has been given a North American release date. Players will be able to go blade-to-ectoplasma with the ancient spookies on February 22nd. Players take on the role of a GhostSlayer to fight off the hordes of the Ghost Queen in this...

  • Interviews Gevo Entertainment - GhostSlayer

    Take a lesson in ghostbusting from the game's producer

    Upcoming WiiWare release GhostSlayer wants to put the power to vanquish spirits in your hand, and we've had a word with Lim Ming Jie, the game's producer, on exactly how they intend on doing so. What's the premise of GhostSlayer? Who are these ghosts and why do they need slaying? Lim Ming Jie:...

  • News GhostSlayer Jumps Out, Goes "Boo"

    MotionPlus at the ready!

    It's typical, isn't it? You wait months for a first-person, MotionPlus-utilising WiiWare title and then two come along at once. Not long after our hands-on with Rage of the Gladiator, Gevo Entertainment just emailed to let us know about its future WiiWare release GhostSlayer. Like Rage, MotionPlus is optional for...