• News Umurangi Generation Wins Grand Prize At The IGF Awards

    Genesis Noir and Arrog also nabbed awards

    Last night was the IGF and GDC Awards, a twin billing of awards shows that aims to celebrate indies (at the Independent Games Festival Awards) and blockbusters (at the Game Developers' Choice Awards). The IGF portion was hosted by Victoria Tran, community director at Among Us studio Innersloth, and the GDCA...



  • News Open World Vaporwave Detective Game, Paradise Killer, Is 30% Off On Switch

    Whodunnit? Probably the developers, we'd guess

    You may not have heard of Paradise Killer, the cult-favourite that secured a few GOTY nominations last year thanks to its excellent writing and bizarro cast of characters, but that's ok - it's best if you go into it completely blind, anyway. Fans of Ace Attorney and Danganronpa will love the mystery...