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    Review Asdivine Hearts

    Shock to the heart

    Kemco’s prolific JRPG output was a staple of the 3DS and Wii U eShops, and continues apace on the Switch, with the initial release of last year’s Revenant Saga followed by Dragon Sinker and now Asdivine Hearts. A port of a 2014 mobile release by Exe Create, Asdivine Hearts is an old-school JRPG that’s entirely competent but...


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    Review Dragon Sinker

    Legendary Sinker or Legendary Stinker?

    If you were around playing games in the late '80’s and early '90’s you might have caught a fever, a JRPG fever. More often than not you would spend hours reading and gazing at the images on video gaming magazines at Japan-exclusive titles that were deemed unmarketable in the West. Among many of those games...


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    Review Revenant Saga


    Few systems have been blessed with the sheer number of RPGs of Nintendo’s plucky little 3DS, and perhaps no publisher has been as persistent in its contribution to that collection as KEMCO. It's brought more than a dozen titles — most of them mobile ports — to the 3DS’ eShop, alongside a smaller number to the Wii U, and now that...


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    Review Infinite Dunamis

    Infinitely Decent

    Kemco has found a comfortable niche on the eShop; over the past few years, the publisher has been steadily putting out budget JRPGs ported from mobile, from Grinsia to Justice Chronicles. They vary in quality, but their mission remains the same: to provide low-priced, nostalgia-tinged JRPG goodness. As the latest in the lineup,...