• News Dinox Will Fill That Dinosaur Trivia Gap in the eShop

    Another box ticked!

    We've often written about the Wii U eShop offering an impressively diverse range of genres in its games, catering to fans of platformers, shoot 'em ups, puzzle games, more platformers... There have also been some trivia / quiz games, but none have been solely about dinosaurs. Well, that gap in the market will be filled by Dinox,...


  • News Toki Tori 3D Confirmed to be Hatching on 5th November

    Hitting the Americas, Europe and Oceania all at once

    Toki Tori 3D has been in the works for a little while, and the good news for fans of the Two Tribes puzzle title is that it'll arrive on the 3DS eShop on 5th November. It'll also have a budget price of $1.99 / €1.99 and arrive in the Americas, Europe and Oceania on that release date. Two Tribes...

  • News Gunslugs 2 Will Be Blasting Up the 3DS eShop on 22nd October

    Check out some new 3DS screenshots, too

    It can sometimes seem like the Wii U eShop is getting a lot of the Nindie love, but 3DS owners have a potentially exciting arrival around the corner. Gunslugs 2, originally developed by OrangePixel and being ported by Engine Software, is heading to the 3DS eShop in North America and Europe on 22nd October,...





  • Preview Picking Up The Pace With Proun+ on 3DS

    Light at the end of the tunnel

    It seems, in recent times, that the majority of intriguing and exciting new projects on the eShop platforms brings us to the Wii U, with the home console's power and development tool support attracting plenty of companies. The 3DS eShop does have excellent titles of its own, but the volume seems lower in terms of...



  • News Engine Software Announces MindFeud For 3DS eShop

    A social board game for the mentally nimble

    Dutch-based outfit Engine Software has announced it will collaborate with Norwegian developer Monkeybin to release the classic social board game hit MindFeud on the 3DS eShop later this year. The revival promises to be true to the iOS, Android and Facebook originals, but adds a completely exclusive single...


  • News First Flipper 2 Screenshots Released

    More detailed, but still quite retro

    The folks over at Goodbye Galaxy Games were kind enough to send over the first batch of screenshots from their upcoming DSiWare sequel Flipper 2. As you can see in the shots, the game has a very retro look to it, but shows quite a bit more detail than its predecessor. Developer Hugo Smits has promised a steady flow of screenshots of the game in the coming weeks,..

  • News Flipper Sequel Gets a Publisher, Aims for Q2 Release

    Goodbye Galaxy Games teams up with Engine Software

    Back in October, we brought you the exclusive news that a Flipper sequel was in the works, and now Goodbye Galaxy Games has announced that it has signed a contract with publisher Engine Software, making the arrival of Flipper 2 that much closer. Aside from publishing duties, Engine Software will also be helping out in the sound design of the game,..



  • Interviews Ty Roberts - Bejeweled 2

    We talk to producer Ty Roberts about PopCap's upcoming WiiWare debut

    Though PopCap is no stranger to Nintendo platforms, having already released several retail and download games for the DS and DSiWare, Bejeweled 2 marks their first foray in the lounges of Wii owners. After a bit of hands-on time with the final release candidate, we thought we'd find out a little more about PopCap and what's it's..



  • News DSi Gets Motion Detection

    Console tilt-sensitive without attachments

    Satoru Iwata may say the DS's successor will be motion sensitive, but the team at Engine Software has beaten him to the punch, creating full motion sensitivity with no attachments needed. To demonstrate the technology in action, Engine Software has released a video of TILT, a prototype marble-rolling simulation. Check it out below. The developers are keen..


  • News WiiWare puzzler "Bang!" becomes Bang Attack

    Hey that’s MY name, says daVinci

    Here’s a quick titbit of relatively uninteresting news. Engine Software’s WiiWare puzzle debut “Bang!” has been renamed to Bang Attack following the realisation that an Italian company got there first! More from the press release we received: Doetinchem, May 18th 2009 - Engine Software, developer based in the Netherlands, today announces that its debut..



  • News New Screenshots for Bang!

    We just got word from the guys at Engine Software regarding their upcoming WiiWare puzzler known simply as Bang! The game is now in the final stages of being checked by Nintendo so it should not be too long before we can all get to check it out for ourselves.

    We have been informed that there were some delays due to improve the 2-player mode and add...