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    Review Need For Speed: Undercover

    Need For Speed is back with its latest career adventure, it's time to go Undercover.

    You play a wheel man, hired by Federal Agent Chase Linh (played by Maggie Q) who is sent out, undercover, into the world of illegal street racing and other criminal activities. You'll need to progress through events and earn the respect of fellow criminals, getting...


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    Review Need For Speed: ProStreet

    EA go back to basics with the latest entry in the stunningly successful NFS series - has the company done enough to bring back old fans?

    Need for Speed has been with us for over a decade now. Since making its debut on the ill-fated 3DO console, EA’s premier racing franchise has gone from being a fairly inoffensive car fan’s dream to a loud and...


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    Review Need For Speed: Carbon

    Need For Speed comes to the Wii, does it rush into pole position as the Wii's first real racer?

    I must admit I was pretty skeptical about how well this game was gonna play before I'd even opened the box. I'd never played any of the Need for Speeds before, and have never been the boy-racer pimp-my-fiesta type. But I do love a good driving game, and...