• News Gear Gauntlet Arrives on the Wii U on 15th September

    In Europe and North America

    Announced earlier in the year for Wii U, Gear Gauntlet is a challenging - but potentially addictive - title in which you try to keep up a relentless pace through tricky courses. Previously released on Xbox One, developer Drop Dead Interactive now has a firm release date for the eShop - it'll arrive on 15th September in...


  • News Gear Gauntlet is Spinning Towards the Wii U eShop

    Cystalline Green working on the port

    The eShop continues to be a key part of the Wii U platform, with a range of exclusives and ports giving owners of the home console new content to consider. It also introduces Nintendo fans to plenty of new Indie names, and this year we'll be playing a game by another relatively unknown studio - Drop Dead...