• News 3DS eShop Title Titan Run Is Attack On Titan In Bite-Sized Form

    Smash up a city for the highest score

    D3Publisher's Japan-only Simple Series has been running for quite a few years now, offering engaging experiences for reasonable prices. The latest entry - developed by E-Trek - is inspired by the anime and manga franchise Attack on Titan and sees you dashing through the crowded city of Tokyo causing as much...




  • News New Adventure Time Game Receiving 3DS Collector's Edition

    BMO also serving as a guide in both Nintendo versions

    How do you make Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! an even longer and more ridiculous title? By having Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW!: The Collector’s Edition! According to D3Publisher, the collector’s edition of the upcoming Adventure...



  • News Crazy Taxi Wannabe Coming to the Japanese eShop

    Oh, if only it would come West

    While in many respects the West is better off than Japan on the eShop platforms — due to publishing rules in Nintendo's homeland — there are some releases exclusive to the region. One of these is the @Simple DL Series from D3 Publisher, which is a sequence of budget 3DS games that have followed on from an...



  • News 3DS Helps Developers Render Fog Effects Via Its Own Chip

    Such a handy handheld

    If the 3DS was to be personified, it would surely be a hip youngster helping old ladies cross busy streets. However, when we say old ladies, we mean games developers, and by crossing busy streets, we actually mean render in-game fog effects. Close enough. In D3Publisher's upcoming retro shooter Dream Trigger 3D, there's a level...



  • News Dream Trigger Will Blow 3DS Up with its Sonar Attacks

    Sounds, good

    If there's one genre the DS never got quite right it's the humble shoot 'em up: while Nanostray and sequel Nanostray 2 were decent outings, they were merely stars in a dark night. 3DS might not suffer the same fate if D3Publisher has its say, as the company announces Dream Trigger 3D for 3DS. An arcade-style shooter that lets players...



  • News Kid Adventures: Sky Captain Has Lift-Off

    Jude Law nowhere to be seen

    It seems that flying games for Wii are going to hit us pretty thick and fast in the coming months, with Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 just announced and now the decidedly more kid-friendly Kid Adventures: Sky Captain heading to Wii this Summer. Doesn't the titular Capitan look pretty happy in his plane? That's because he's in: An...


  • News Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow Poo Facts

    D3Publisher talks a little sh*t about their upcoming DS RPG.

    D3Publisher has just sent over the newest bit of news on their upcoming DS release Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow. It seems they felt the need to set the record straight on the Poo Facts and they've put together a few of the more important ones below for your reading pleasure. Poo Facts:...

  • News Launch Trailer Shows Blue Dragon Sequel's Return to RPG Roots

    Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow hoping to fly off the shelves next month

    When Mistwalker brought the Blue Dragon franchise over to the DS, it took a bit of a departure from the traditional RPG mould that the Xbox 360 original was cast in. Instead, Blue Dragon Plus took on a real-time strategy format, which was a fundamental change to long-time fans but...