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    Review Wanderjahr TryAgainOrWalkAway

    JRPG combat at the tip of your fingers

    Despite the game’s title, Workyrie Game Studio’s offering is not about 'a year spent traveling abroad, typically immediately before or after a university or college course'. Instead, it delivers a very compelling slice of JRPG strategic combat action, disguised as casual friendly by is cute graphics. But is...

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    Review AeternoBlade

    Needs more sharpening

    Back in 2014, the 3DS eShop received AeternoBlade, a hack ‘n’ slash focused Metroidvania that’s centered around the gameplay concept of controlling time. After a failed attempt at Kickstarting a sequel, Corecell Technology has opted to port the game to the Switch eShop, no doubt in hopes of building up the fanbase...


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    Review Wicked Monsters Blast! HD PLUS


    Party-style mini-game compilations can sometimes be a treat. Many of us will have spent countless hours on games such as Nintendo Land and Mario Party, laughing uncontrollably as the same person fails over and over, or screaming hateful abuse towards those we held closest to our hearts only seconds before. These games...


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    Review AeternoBlade


    It may have taken a bit longer than anyone expected, but AeternoBlade has finally ventured beyond Japan and to reach both North American and European markets. The game was nearing completion back in June of last year, but developer Corecell Technology didn’t have the necessary funding to move along with the localization process,...