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    Review Puzzle Box Maker

    Mini-game building magic on Switch

    With no news on a potential port of Super Mario Maker for Switch, it’s fallen to Austrian indie studio - and long-time Nintendo developer - Bplus Games to step in with its own slice of creative mayhem. Puzzle Box Maker distils the often daunting task of designing your own level into an instantly intuitive format,...


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    Review PUZZLEBOX setup

    Flip the script

    It's always refreshing when a game comes along that challenges norms and makes its players rethink the standards of a genre. The modern gaming market is so abundant that even the least common genres are saturated with new titles, making it even more appreciated when something that feels new makes its way onto consoles. As Nintendo...


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    Review Bit Boy!! ARCADE

    Kubi, you blockhead...

    It's been almost five years since Bit Boy!! graced the WiiWare service, providing a generation-spanning adventure through the history of video games. Unfortunately the execution of that game was middling at best, leaving a great concept — the guiding of a single hero on a nostalgia-tinged journey through the past — sorely...


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    Review Bit Boy!!

    Will you want to join Kubi on this totally crazy pixellated retro journey?

    There has been a fair amount of hype surrounding the release of Bplus’ Bit Boy!! which is understandable as it taps into our love of retro gaming in much the same way as Mega Man 9 and Bit.Trip Beat did. Bit Boy!! offers a puzzling experience not unlike Pac-Man and adds a...


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    Review Niki - Rock 'n' Ball

    Not completely on the ball

    This second WiiWare release from Bplus is a bit of a departure from their "everything-and-the-kitchen-sink" debut outing Plättchen, attempting to recapture some arcade magic via simple goals and score attacking. Whilst the presentation and controls do the job, odd choices in level design and lacklustre gameplay...


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    Review Plättchen: Twist 'n' Paint

    Does Plättchen have the unique twists puzzle fans are looking for?

    Plättchen: Twist 'n Paint is certainly one of the more mysterious WiiWare games to date. It was the very first title to be announced last year before the WiiWare service went live but has been plagued with several delays. Aside from the fact that it was a "puzzle shooter"...