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    Review Soccer Slammers

    Cheap kicks

    World Cup 2018 is upon us, and with it comes the inevitable rush of pick-up-and-play football games. Soccer Slammers is one such effort, and it's pretty much at the polar opposite end of the Switch footy game scale compared to FIFA 18 - for better and for worse. On the 'better' side, it forgoes the dry, manicured pomposity of EA's fully...


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    Review Xeodrifter

    Mutant Metroids

    Nowadays, Metroidvanias are all the rage with indie developers, all attempting to offer up their own unique take on the genre. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but there's something to be said about the power of simplicity and just going back to the basics. Xeodrifter is a game that plays it straight with the that...


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    Review Mutant Mudds Collection

    Muddy brilliant

    The Mutant Mudds series has seen its fair share of love from critics and players alike over the last few years; the wonderful Mutant Mudds won us all over when it originally released on 3DS (and then again in a deluxe version for Wii U), and then Mutant Mudds Super Challenge came along, taking everything we already knew and loved and...


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    Review Chicken Wiggle

    A rival to Super Mario Maker?

    Jools Watsham's Atooi — formerly part of Renegade Kid — made quite a name for itself in the very early days of the 3DS eShop when it put out Mutant Mudds, a high-quality retro action platformer. It seems only fitting then that this splinter studio would put out a similar title here in the autumn of the life of the...