• Review 4 TRAVELLERS - Play French (DSiWare)

    Liberté, Égalité, Médiocrité

    Learning a foreign language is hard work. There are gendered nouns, verb conjugation, sentence structure, idiosyncratic phrasing, funky pronunciation and, of course, seemingly countless words to memorize. There are ways to facilitate the travail, but beyond the most basic education, playing a game isn't one. Maybe...


  • Review 4 TRAVELLERS: Play Spanish (DSiWare)

    Demasiado aburrido para las palabras

    Playing board games on a long trip is hard when the pieces tend to go flying at every pothole. Agenius Interactive's 4 TRAVELLERS – Play Spanish, however, promises travel-friendly fun for all ages as you learn over 240 different words in Spanish. By studying via the two quiz modes and playing the board game...