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  • News Cross-Buy is Now a Thing on Nintendo Platforms

    Buy one version, get another free

    Since the Wii U's NNID (Nintendo Network ID) was added to the 3DS in late 2013 we've been yearning for eShop games, not to mention Virtual Console games, to offer cross-buy so you can play on both the Wii U and 3DS at no extra cost. This is par for the course on PlayStation systems, with Another World being one...

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    Review SKYPEACE

    Doesn't soar, but not quite a bore

    SKYPEACE is a stage-based runner that finds you surfing it up in the in the sky, high above the clouds. As runners generally go, players will be aiming for a high score by collecting as many coins and significant pickups as they can, while avoiding incoming obstacles. Existing in a genre that overpopulates the...

  • Nintendo Download 3rd July (Europe)

    Viva Mexico! Guacamelee! STCE is here along with lots more

    Another Monday has arrived, dear gamers, and Nintendo of Europe is trying to cheer us up with its Download Update details. Let's get started! Wii U eShop: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (Drinkbox Studios, €13.99 / £11.99) - Guacamelee! STCE is a Metroidvania-style...

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    Review Toy Stunt Bike

    Batteries included

    The store aisle packaging that greets you when selecting Toy Stunt Bike from the 3DS menu is a telling sign of the game’s intended mood. This is a physics-based platformer alright, but the challenge is infused with those elements of joy, imagination, and mild cruelty everyone remembers from playing with their toys as a kid...

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    Review Cocoro Line Defender

    Doing lines

    If there's one thing French studio Moving Player knows how to do beautifully, it's presentation. Its new title Cocoro: Line Defender is inspired by Japanese watercolour-style art, with bright environments and striking dark outlines reminiscent of the 2006 classic Ōkami. Sporting a traditional flute-based soundtrack and characters with...

  • News Shovel Knight Soundtracks Released on Bandcamp

    Name your price for some metal-slammin' tracks

    In our recent post on the Shovel Knight release trailer, you may recall one of our questions in our state of frenzied yammering was "Where do we get this song?!" Delightfully, we have an answer: it's Track 17 on Strike the Earth! Shovel Knight Arranged, newly released alongside the

  • News Wage War On Your 3DS In Glory of Generals, Rolling Out 3rd July

    World War II turn-based strategy coming to 3DS eShop

    Shanghai-based CIRCLE Entertainment has been busy recreating the events of World War II in a turn-based strategy game Glory of Generals, which will hit the 3DS eShop on the 3rd of July in North America. The game boasts 64 campaigns between 1939 and 1945, including the Western front, Eastern...

  • News Here Are Some Charming Tappingo 2 Screens to Enjoy

    New zoom feature shown off

    Tappingo 2 is the second 3DS eShop title from Goodbye Galaxy Games, a rapid sequel to the rather charming original in this fledgling puzzle series. A blend of Picross with original ideas, we rather enjoyed the first game. The new entry will have over 100 puzzles and, as a response to a complaint of the original, a zoom...

  • Exclusive Free Mutant Mudds Deluxe 3DS Update Arrives on 3rd July

    That’s in both North America and PAL territories

    Late last year we were happy to share the news of a free Mutant Mudds Deluxe update on the way to 3DS, which will bring the portable version of the game into line with the Wii U title. That was particularly welcome news for gamers in Europe and Australia, as the expanded version didn’t see a...

  • Nintendo Download 26th June (North America)

    Shovel Knight, Wii Sports, 5 DSiWare games (yes, really!) and much more

    It's time again for your Nintendo download update, North America, and this one is a beauty. There's a double release of an eagerly anticipated action platformer, more Wii Sports shenanigans, discounts and plenty of choices across Wii U, 3DS and even DSiWare. Let's get to it...

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    Review Shovel Knight

    This is the kind of shovelware we can dig

    Shovel Knight is the adventure of Shovel Knight, a knight with a shovel. That simple — and gloriously absurd — premise has somehow resulted in some of the strongest hype the 3DS eShop has seen yet. The good news is that the final product absolutely lives up to the lofty expectations; the even better news...

  • News Moon Chronicles to Hit Europe in Q4 This Year, Including All Episodes in One

    No episodic approach outside North America

    Renegade Kid's Moon Chronicles: Episode 1 has been available in North America since mid-May, with episode two on the way relatively soon — this episodic remake of DS retail game Moon will ultimately arrive in four parts. Its arrival in Europe has been held back to date, however, with the developer telling...

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    3DS eShop

    Review 2048

    4x4 for fun

    It should not be surprising any more when a mobile game gets ported over to a Nintendo platform. It happened with high-profile smart device mainstays Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, and we've also seen it with several lesser-known

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    Review Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition

    Another World, Another System

    Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition belongs in the download era, as the retail success story of the original truly laid the groundwork for narrative-driven, minimalistic and artistic games that are now becoming increasingly common away from high street shelves. When first released its cinematic flair was a...

  • Interview Bertil Hörberg Jumps Back Into the Saddle With Gunman Clive 2

    "I felt I needed a bit more colour this time"

    When it arrived with relatively little fanfare in December 2012, Gunman Clive appeared to be a cheap and cheerful Holiday title. Then we played it. What had seemed like a modest download game transpired to be a short slice of finely crafted fun with a charming aesthetic, which combined with a budget...

  • Video Shovel Knight Release Trailer Delivers Epicness in Spades


    We'd like to think that video game journalism has progressed past the era when we mindlessly slathered over screenshots of games and reviewed things in terms of heads that looked like they were about to explode, but if anything is to make us don our old neon shirts and bring "Radical!" back into style, it's the...

  • News Ubisoft Runs Another eShop Discount Bonanza in North America

    Because it can...

    It seems that Ubisoft just can't help itself when it comes to eShop discount promotions. In what appears to be a bi-monthly occasion, it's slashed the prices of a substantial range of titles on both the Wii U and 3DS stores in order to drum up some more sales. There are plenty to get through, though no fresh discounts in Europe...

  • Nintendo Download 26th June (Europe)

    Wii Sports Club, GBA Mario Tennis, StreetPass discounts and much more

    Another Monday has arrived, dear gamers, and Nintendo of Europe is trying to cheer us up with its Download Update details. This week certainly has plenty of choice, with a broad variety of titles covering Wii U, 3DS and, yes, DSiWare. We have the completion of a HD sports set and...

  • Guide The Biggest Wii U and 3DS eShop Games Coming In 2014

    With apologies, this time, to your digital wallet

    The second half of 2014 is almost upon us, and we have a clearer idea of what games will arrive before those New Year bells take us into 2015. We already brought you a guide to the biggest Wii U and 3DS retail games coming in 2014, so naturally we'll now do the same for eShop games. Our goal with...