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  • Interviews BIT.TRIP CORE - Gaijin Games

    Gaijin Games talk about their upcoming BIT.TRIP CORE release.

    With the upcoming release of Gajin Games' BIT.TRIP CORE WiiWare title on Monday, we thought it was time to get in touch with the ever-insightful CommanderVideo, aka Alex Neuse, CEO of Gaijin Games, to find out what we can expect from their second BIT.TRIP release. As usual, Alex was as...

  • News Triangle Studios Announces Heron: Steam Machine for WiiWare

    Another Dutch WiiWare developer has appeared!

    Triangle Studios today announced that they are developing Heron: Steam Machine exclusively for WiiWare. The game seems to be inspired by the classic Pipe Dream and Pipe Mania games, in which you have to move and turn pipeline sections in order to make water or another fluid move from one spot to another. That's really all there is to it here as well, it..

  • News Cave Story Nearing The Finish Line

    Developer ironing out some bugs.

    Still waiting for the WiiWare version of Cave Story? Looks like the wait'll be just a little bit longer, but hopefully not too long. An update over at developer Nicalis' official blog via GoNintendo throws us a few morsels regarding the game's progress. Fortunately, it's looking good! We still have bugs that need to be fixed. Probably about two dozen or so minor..

  • Nintendo Download Hanabi Festival 4, Gradius Rebirth, Bit Boy!!, Brain Challenge and Mario Apps (EU)

    It's a fantastic week for Europe, with a total of 7 new downloadable games across all services!

    As Hudson revealed last week, this month brings us the 4th Hanabi Festival! And what luck, it's already started in the very first week of the month - There's two new imports up for grabs right now! Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen is the first game in the now seemingly dead Ogre Battle series,..

  • News Super Meat Boy Creators Hosting Live Q & A Today

    Webcam info session is today (July 2nd, 2009) at 5 PM PST.

    Those who are interested in the WiiWare-bound indie game Super Meat Boy (which includes many of us here at Nintendo Life) will be pleased to know that its often-facetious creators Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes are hosting a live question and answer web cam chat today. Starting at 5 PM...

  • News Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (1st July)

    It's Wednesday again and time for the WiiWare Top 20!

    It's time to take a look at the most popular WiiWare titles available on the Wii Shop Channel. If you're feeling adventurous you can even take a look for yourself by simply logging on to your Wii Shop Channel, heading into the WiiWare section and then viewing "Popular Games". It's that easy! We compile this list using the USA region..

  • News 5 Spots Party Coming to Europe July 10th

    You can check out the final gameplay trailer while you wait.

    For those European gamers who have been waiting for the release of 5 Spots Party on the WiiWare service, the wait is almost over. The game, based on the popular pastime of spotting the differences between two photos, will be released on July 10th and will cost 500 Nintendo Points. The folks over at Cosmonaut Games were kind enough to send..


  • News Bit Boy!! Coming to Europe July 3rd

    Bplus' newest WiiWare title hits the European WiiWare service on Friday.

    Austrian developer Bplus has just announced that their newest WiiWare title Bit Boy!! will be released in Europe on July 3rd. The title will retail for 600 Nintendo Points. The US version of the game is currently still in check at Nintendo, but Bplus assures us that a North...

  • News Carnival King Coming to WiiWare

    A good old-fashioned carnival shooting gallery!

    Incredible Technologies, developers of Target Toss Pro: Bags, has just announced their brand new WiiWare title Carnival King. If you've ever wanted to experience the thrill of an old-fashioned carnival shooting gallery, this is the game for you. You can take a look at the official press release below, along with a brand new gameplay video showing the..

  • News New Furry Legends Gameplay Trailer

    Check out the newest gameplay video in action.

    We just got in a new trailer for the upcoming WiiWare title Furry Legends for you to check out. As you can see from the video, the game is fairly far along in development and Gamelion Studios have stated that the game's development process is progressing nicely and it should be ready soon. You can check out the official trailer below. As usual, we'll..

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    Review Silver Star Reversi

    It’s Reversi on WiiWare: what more do you want to know?

    Similar to its sibling Silver Star Chess, the latest game from Agetec is a decent but barebones take on a classic board game. The game of Reversi dates back to late 19th century England and has been known in modern times as Othello. Two players take turns placing black and white dots on an 8 by 8 grid, trying to create horizontal, vertical,..

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    Review Reel Fishing Challenge

    Keeping it reel.

    There are some sports that seem tailor-made for video game translations, but fishing is arguably not one of them. A pastime that centers around patience rather than action or skill does not seem like the sort of thing that most people would be interested in experiencing indoors. Yet strangely enough the genre has existed for some time, and with the Wii it continues to flourish. It..

  • News Magnetis WiiWare Trailer

    Check out Magnetis in action.

    The folks at Yullaby were kind enough to send over the official trailer for their upcoming WiiWare puzzler Magnetis along with a press release for the game below. Yullaby is proud to introduce a video trailer and three new images for its new game, Magnetis, which demonstrates combo mechanics for advanced players. Magnetis is a multiplayer arcade puzzler with a very..

  • Nintendo Download 30th June - 1st July 2009 addendum (JAPAN)

    Two more WiiWare titles coming Tuesday aimed at younger gamers and an extra DSiWare title on the 1st.

    Looks like the mock tears for Japan were premature last week as some additional releases mean Japan has a 3-2-2 week it turns out. Thanks to Nintendo Life reader Ratengo for noting that the Japanese Shop news item for this week's releases had two additional WiiWare titles that weren't detailed on..

  • Nintendo Download Fantasies, Fishing, Warfare, Reversi and Sudoku (US)

    NoA's sudden WiiWare push continues, with yet another 3 WiiWare games and 1 game for both DSiWare and Virtual Console.

    Nintendo seems to be focusing on WiiWare a lot lately. Perhaps they're just trying to stir up excitement for upcoming big releases? It mostly seems to be a Europe catchup week - Only two WiiWare games are new for the west and neither seems very interesting. Water Warfare is..

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    Review Water Warfare

    Fill up your super soakers and prepare for a drenching in Hudson’s second WiiWare FPS game.

    Earlier this year, Hudson released Onslaught, WiiWare's first FPS which proved that Japanese developers can actually make good FPS games! One of the only complaints with Onslaught was that it only featured online co-op and versus modes; there was no...

  • Podcast Episode 5 - June's Download Round-up!

    Round-up of June's downloads plus: YOUR voices!

    This episode brings you more of a download-focused approach, rounding up some of the best titles you can download released in the last month. Plus you can hear the voices of some of your favourite Nintendo Life commenters! If you want to get involved in the next episode or leave your feedback, you can call us on +44 (0)20 8144 8216, Skype us at..

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    Review Puzzle Bobble Plus!

    The third Bubble Bobble series remake to hit WiiWare. Is it any good after the somewhat disappointing Rainbow Islands?

    Puzzle Bobble - or Bust-A-Move as it's known in North America - is perhaps the most well-known game in the Bubble Bobble series. Almost everybody's played it in some way or form, with multiple versions and a ton of rip-offs over the years. With that in mind, does this newest..

  • Nintendo Download 30th June - 1st July 2009 (JAPAN)

    An unusually light release week for Japan with 1 WiiWare, 2 Virtual Console and 1 DSiWare release.

    After weeks of mass software dowloading we see a release week that would look at home in PAL territories or North America -- maybe it's going to be Japan's turn for light release weeks for a change? On the WiiWare front we have Final Fantasy Crystal...

  • Nintendo Download Puzzle Bobble, Water Warfare, SimEarth, Altered Beast and More Sudoku (EU)

    DSiWare takes a bit of a break to give the spotlight to the Wii releases this week.

    A large part of today's update isn't very surprising - Three of the games are published by Hudson Soft and were already announced for release earlier this week. The two unannounced releases are quite nice surprises though! On WiiWare, we've gotten Puzzle Bobble Plus!, the third Bubble Bobble series WiiWare remake by..

  • News Mecho Wars Confirmed for WiiWare and DSiWare

    Luc Bernard's latest project meets with Nintendo's approval

    In case you didn't know, Luc Bernard's fantasy-themed turn-based strategy title Mecho Wars has just been released on the iPhone and has been getting some generally positive reviews. Bernard himself has previously stated - albeit under the influence of alcohol - that he'd like to bring the game to either WiiWare or DSiWare and now he's..

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    Review Drill Sergeant Mindstrong

    Look alive, maggot!

    The best way to describe Drill Sergeant Mindstrong would be to liken it to a military boot camp version of Brain Training. The game presents you with four basic mini-games, each with its own unique military theme complete with a Drill Sergeant barking commands and insults at you on a nearly continuous basis. While these...

  • News BIT.TRIP CORE Coming to WiiWare July 6th

    The next title in the Bit.Trip series is on its way.

    Gaijin Games has just announced that their newest WiiWare release in their Bit.Trip series BIT.TRIP CORE is headed to the US WiiWare service on July 6th, which will make it the 100th US WiiWare release. Congrats to the guys at Gaijin Games for all their hard work! Below is a copy of the graphic...

  • News New Nintendo Channel Videos

    Nintendo adds two new videos to their Nintendo Channel.

    The nice folks at Nintendo were kind enough to send over two brand new videos of upcoming releases. These videos were just added to the Nintendo Channel as well, and more are on the way. The first video is of Ubisoft's Red Steel 2 with charismatic Creative Director Jason Vandenberghe on hand to give you some insight into their upcoming Wii..

  • News Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (24th June)

    It's Wednesday again and time for the WiiWare Top 20!

    It's Wednesday again and time for the WiiWare Top 20! It's time to take a look at the most popular WiiWare titles available on the Wii Shop Channel. If you're feeling adventurous you can even take a look for yourself by simply logging on to your Wii Shop Channel, heading into the WiiWare section and then viewing "Popular Games". It's..

  • News Icarian Gets a New Name: NyxQuest

    Over the Top Games had to change the name of their recent WiiWare release.

    Icarian: Kindred Spirits, which was released only last Friday in Europe, has already run into some trouble - For some reason, the developers need to change its name. The new name will be fairly simplistic by simply using the main character's name - NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits...

  • News Hudson Releasing Water Warfare, SimEarth and Sudoku 50! For Beginners This Friday

    The first family-friendly FPS, a planet-maintaining game and more sudoku puzzles will be available on Friday.

    Hudson has announced the release of three new downloadable games in Europe this Friday. Water Warfare was released in Japan only yesterday, so you'll have a chance to jump in before the Japanese players get too much practice and crush us all online! The game is exclusively based around the..

  • First Impressions Water Warfare

    We head to the playground to see if there's enough water in its soaker to keep gamers occupied

    Earlier this month, Hudson took a gamble and decided to release a first-person shooter on WiiWare. Due to it being the first of its kind on the platform and a new IP, some thought that Hudson would regret making such a bold decision. In the end, though, everything paid off, as not only did Onslaught..

  • News Carnival King heading to WiiWare

    Will it deliver all the fun of the fair?

    After the success of Target Toss Pro: Bags, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to see that Incredible Technologies has another WiiWare title ready to be released. Titled Carnival King, the game is designed for all ages and is essentially a shooting game that combines 3D graphics with a carnival theme. For more information about the game, check out the..

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    Review NEVES Plus

    Does this age-old puzzler still have what it takes?

    Silhouette puzzles have been around since the early 18th century, and chances are if you're old enough to read this article, you're likely to have played one at some point in your life. The original Neves, which built an entire retail title around these silhouette puzzles, was released on the...

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    Review Family Mini Golf

    A little golf for the whole family.

    The "Family" series of games has developed a reputation of being, well, a bit crap, really. They're bare-bones, budget versions of sports games you probably already have better versions of elsewhere, making you wonder why Arc System Works even bothers making them. This only serves to make the fact that Family Mini Golf is actually fun all the more..

  • News New Chronos Twins DX Screenshots

    Check out some brand new screenshots of the game.

    The developers of Chronos Twins DX were kind enough to send us over a brand new batch of screenshots from their upcoming WiiWare title that you can check out below. Chronos Twins DX offers an amazing space-time travel on which our tireless character Nec will find adventure, action, platforms and ingenious time puzzles. They were also rather..

  • News New 5 Spots Party Gameplay Trailer

    Another video of 5 Spots Party in action!

    Cosmonaut Games has just sent over a brand new trailer for their upcoming WiiWare title 5 Spots Party. The basic premise of the game is spotting differences between various photos. You've likely seen these challenges in various magazines over the years, but this time the game can even be played with up to four other players in a competitive fashion. This..

  • Nintendo Download Drill Sergeants, Puzzles, Golf, Art Styles and Planets (US)

    Three more WiiWare games accompanied by one each for DSiWare and Virtual Console.

    There seems to be a resurgence in Nintendo's focus on WiiWare - There were three new WiiWare games last week and there's three more this week. They're probably not the titles most people were waiting for, though... It should also be noted that every single game this week is new to western shores, so we don't have any..

  • News First PAL Screenshots of LIT

    Check out the new and improved PAL version of LIT.

    With the upcoming European release of WayForward's WiiWare title LIT, we thought it might be time to show off a few of the PAL exclusive screenshots of the game - two in particular that show off one of the main changes fans of the game have been clamoring for since the US release. As you can see in...

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    Review NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits

    Will you be a kindred spirit with NyxQuest or a mortal enemy?

    WiiWare has introduced us to a lot of talented developers who seem to have sprung out of nowhere. Think of the likes of Gaijin Games with their Bit.Trip series, Ronimo Games with Swords & Soldiers, and of course 2D Boy with the sublime World of Goo. From the moment that NyxQuest:...

  • Nintendo Download 23-24 June 2009 (Japan)

    A feast of DSiWare titles to end the drought, an anticipated WiiWare title from Hudson and *two* arcade classics next week!

    Well, after weeks without a new DSiWare release in Japan the storm gates have been opened and next Wednesday is serving up a bumper crop of titles for the portable download service. Chuugakku Kihon Hana Tango Word Puzzle (200pts) from I.E. Institute, Ltd. is a word puzzle game..

  • Interviews Bit Boy!! - Bplus

    Bplus talk about their upcoming WiiWare retrorama!

    We've recently seen quite a bit of new information being released regarding Bplus' upcoming WiiWare release Bit Boy!!, but there were still a lot of unanswered questions floating around that needed some answers. We recently caught up with Bernd Geiblinger, Art Director at Bplus, and he was kind enough to sit down and answer some of our burning..

  • Nintendo Download Icarian, Let's Catch and Brain Training (EU)

    One anticipated title is accompanied by two... not so anticipated ones.

    This week finally sees the release of much-hyped title Icarian: Kindred Spirits. It's accompanied by a not-so-great second WiiWare game, and a solitary DSiWare release. That's right - Virtual Console misses out again! Icarian: Kindred Spirits has been hotly anticipated for quite a while. From the screens and videos released..

  • News 5 Spots Party Coming to WiiWare

    Spot the difference in this WiiWare puzzler.

    Cosmonaut Games has just announced that they are bringing a game called 5 Spots Party to Nintendo's WiiWare service. The basic premise of the game is spotting differences between various photos. You've likely seen these challenges in various magazines over the years, but this time the game can even be played with up to four other players in a competitive..

  • News Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (17th June)

    It's Wednesday again and time for the WiiWare Top 20!

    It's time to take a look at the most popular WiiWare titles available on the Wii Shop Channel. If you're feeling adventurous you can even take a look for yourself by simply logging on to your Wii Shop Channel, heading into the WiiWare section and then viewing "Popular Games". It's that easy! We compile this list using the USA region..

  • News Dragon Master Gameplay Video

    Check out the upcoming dragon-flying WiiWare title in action!

    You might remember that we recently did an in-depth news story on Dragon Master Spell Caster and now the developers have been kind enough to send us over a video showing the game in action. As you can see from the video, there seems to be a bit of a Panzer Dragoon influence at times, although the aerial combat differs greatly from that..

  • Feature Tending and Feeding Your Japanese Wii

    If you're considering getting a Japanese Wii, here's some tips and suggestions on getting the most out of it.

    Ever since the Japanese took over the home video game console market in the mid-80s there's been a major gulf between game releases in the consoles' country of origin and nations importing them, either because Japanese publishers lacked...

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    Review Eduardo the Samurai Toaster

    Let there be toast!

    One of the benefits of digital media distribution is the chance developers get to stretch their limbs and explore some creative paths often overlooked or avoided. Step in Eduardo The Samurai Toaster, a game with a concept very much out of the ordinary. It’s in good company though, as Wiiware has certainly had its share of...

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    Review Let's Catch

    Let's not...

    When Prope revealed Let's Tap to the world everyone though it would be yet another gimmicky Wii motion-based mini-game collection -- which it was, although a pretty good one. After that turned out surprisingly well, expectations of Let's Catch were a bit mixed: playing catch on your Wii sounds a bit goofy, but could it be a hidden gem like Let's Tap? Well, let's put anticipation..

  • News Chronos Twins DX Coming to WiiWare

    EnjoyUp announces their brand new WiiWare title.

    From the makers of Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ, comes a brand new WiiWare title called Chronos Twins DX. You might remember a European release of Chronos Twins on the Nintendo DS back in 2007. How exactly this game ties in, we're not quite sure of yet. While we have very little information on this title currently, we are in the process of..

  • News Icarian: Kindred Spirits flies onto WiiWare this Friday

    If you live in Europe of course!

    The good people at Over The Top Games have informed us that their WiiWare debut, Icarian: Kindred Spirits will be released on Friday, 19th June in Europe. It’s only fair that we get it first as the developer is Spanish, of course. The game will cost 1000 Nintendo points, but from what we have seen and heard it should be well worth the price of admission. Don't..

  • Nintendo Download Toasters, Rainbows, Catching, Calculators, Clocks and Harriers (US)

    A whopping six games this week.

    WiiWare seems to be the main focus this week, with a whole three new games for it. DSiWare gets two more non-games, while VC has to do with just one game. On WiiWare, you can get Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, from Semnat Studios. This promising game was first announced at the start of the year and looks to be quite similar to games such as Metal Slug and Contra,..

  • News Dragon Master Spell Caster - Game Overview

    Let's check out Stickmen Studios’ WiiWare debut.

    It’s been quite a while since we first came across Dragon Master Spell Caster on WiiWare. Up until now the guys at New Zealand based Stickmen Studios’ have kept tight lipped about their WiiWare debut. As the game is nearing release they have finally spilled the beans – exclusively to your friendly neighbourhood Nintendo Life of course! The..

  • News Luc Bernard's Mecho Wars out now on iPhone

    WiiWare or DSiWare coming soon (perhaps!)

    We don’t normally pay too much attention to iPhone apps here at Nintendo Life for obvious reasons, but as Luc Bernard’s Mecho Wars is out now for download on iTunes we thought we would give it a mention. Under the banner of his new company Oyaji Games, Luc intends to release Mecho Wars on WiiWare or...

  • Nintendo Download Super Smash Bros., Cocoto, Asphalt and Sudoku (EU)

    As announced, four new games are new available.

    Well, no surprises here! All four games released today were already announced beforehand. Super Smash Bros. is the first game in Nintendo's massively popular fighting franchise. There's a total of 12 characters and 9 stages, which is obviously not much when compared to the content of Melee and Brawl, but it's still fairly fun. The question is, is..

  • News Official Bit Boy!! Game Play Trailer

    Bplus shows us their upcoming WiiWare title in action!

    The guys at Bplus were kind enough to send us over their first official game play trailer for their upcoming WiiWare title Bit Boy!!. As you can see, the game will take the little hero Kubi through the various generations of video gaming. He, along with his surroundings, will change according to which particular generation of gaming he's..

  • News Ronimo Games Announces North American Swords & Soldiers Prize Winners

    3 North American Insane Uber Pwners have already proven their worth.

    Swords & Soldiers has only been out in North America for a little over 3 days, but 3 dedicated players have already collected all achievements and earned themselves goodie bags. The results are quite varied this time - One of the three winners is from the US, one from Canada and one from Mexico. No 4th place winner this time..

  • Nintendo Download 16th June 2009 (Japan)

    2+2 on the Wii; DSiWare takes a break.

    Next week we have four downloads on the Japanese Wii and nothing new to download for the Japanese DSi. Mochi Mochi Q looks to be part Equilibrio and part World of Goo with cute little pink blob aliens trying to escape being eaten by cute big purple ones using the Wii remote NES-style and presumably some form of motion control. 800 points from Natsume Soft..

  • News Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (10th June)

    It's Wednesday again and time for the WiiWare Top 20!

    It's time to take a look at the most popular WiiWare titles available on the Wii Shop Channel. If you're feeling adventurous you can even take a look for yourself by simply logging on to your Wii Shop Channel, heading into the WiiWare section and then viewing "Popular Games". It's that...

  • News Super Smash Bros. Available on VC This Friday

    If you want to relive the original Nintendo fighting game, you can do so in just 2 days.

    The official website for Official Nintendo Magazine has revealed all plans for this Friday's European Wii and DSi updates. On the VC side of things, Europeans will finally be able to download Super Smash Bros., the game that started it all. Japan got it back in January, before even getting Majora's Mask - But..

  • First Impressions Escape Virus

    A fun little mobile game for WiiWare

    Escape Virus is the freshman effort from Peakvox - an iPhone and mobile game developer - with the focus being on pick-up-and-play arcade gaming and ascending to the top of the world ranking in each of five game modes. The menus throughout the game look like metal car number plates which drop onto a titled plane with a nice clanging sound. It's a bold and..

  • News Lead the Meerkats Coming To WiiWare

    New WiiWare title to simulate the life of the Meerkat.

    Lapland Studio and Inaria Interactive have just announced that their new title Lead the Meerkats is on its way to Nintendo's WiiWare service. A snippet from the official press release can be found below, along with the official trailer for the game. Inaria Interactive® today revealed Lead The Meerkats(TM), the first game to simulate the..

  • News UK Club Nintendo Offering Speedy Icarian Incentive

    First 100 registered users to buy the game will also receive the soundtrack.

    Mythologically themed WiiWare title Icarian: Kindred Spirits may still have a TBD release date, but those UK'ers that dig the soundtrack may want to keep their eyes extra open. Over at the game's Nintendo UK page, a contest of sorts has been revealed: the first 100 registered Club Nintendo users to download the Greeky..

  • News LIT European Localization Completed

    The European release is almost here!

    The guys at WayForward have just informed us that the localization for the European release of LIT has now been completed. The game has just been submitted to the PEGI ratings service and will soon be on its way to Nintendo of Europe for approval. We've known that a few changes were being made to the European...

  • News Eduardo the Samurai Toaster Release Date Trailer

    Check out the latest video of the game in action!

    The guys at Semnat Studio were on vacation when word came down that their Eduardo the Samurai Toaster WiiWare title was given the greenlight for a release next Monday. So after a bit of scrambling, we've managed to get our hands on the official release date trailer of the game in action for you to check out. Better get those 800 Wii Points ready for..

  • News Turtles In Time Remake No Longer Coming To WiiWare?

    Latest press release neglects to mention Wii version

    Konami recently announced that it was updating the SNES classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time for modern consoles, with the XBLA version being displayed to all and sundry. A WiiWare version also seemed to be on the cards, but a recent press release from Ubisoft (which is working...

  • News The Swords & Soldiers Goodie Bag: What's Inside

    If you want to be known as Insane Uber Pwner, better get all achievements!

    If you've been keeping up with the news, you'll know that Swords & Soldiers features 25 special achievements, earned by accomplishing some special feats. Collecting all of these gives you a code, which can then be e-mailed to the developer, Ronimo Games, for a chance to...

  • News Eduardo the Samurai Toaster Coming to WiiWare Next Monday

    It's almost time for a little samurai toaster action!

    Good news for all you samurai toaster fans out there. Daniel Coleman from Semnat Studios has just informed us that their first WiiWare title, Eduardo the Samurai Toaster is set to hit the North American WiiWare service on Monday, June 15th for 800 Wii Points. Below is a snippet taken directly...

  • Nintendo Download Wars, Conquests, Rivalries and... Fish? (US)

    There seems to be a very clear theme this week!

    There's only really one surprise this week, and it's the weekly Virtual Console title. All of this week's WiiWare and DSiWare releases were already announced last week! On VC, you can go to war in another classic Koei strategy game for the SNES - Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf. It's not as...

  • News Master the Fish'em All Challenges Video

    Here's a few good tricks for beating the game's many challenges!

    In preparation for the North American release of their Fish'em All WiiWare title today, Abylight have sent us a rather humorous instructional video to give players a little insight into how to master all of the Fish'em All challenges in the game. Yukari-san takes you through the many game play tips on how to snatch all of the fish and..

  • News Melee! Pokemon Scramble announced for WiiWare

    Pokemon meets Smash TV in the upcoming four-player action-RPG.

    The Japanese Pokemon site was updated today with the announcement of a new Pokemon game called Melee! Pokemon Scramble, available exclusively for the WiiWare downloadable service. Developed by Ambrella (My Pokemon Ranch) and set for release on June 16th in Japan for 1500 Nintendo Points, Melee! Pokemon Scramble is a real-time action-RPG..

  • Nintendo Download 9th June 2009 (Japan)

    Music streaming, a Nintendo classic franchise and Namco arcade fun on the Wii and a murder mystery on DSi next week.

    WiiWare releases in Japan next Tuesday include something new in the form of Game Sound Station from Gust Co., Ltd. For 1000 points you get access to a number of tracks from dozens of video game soundtracks. You can then purchase tickets for listening to a larger number of tracks..

  • 97


    Review Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

    Does this title retain the magic of the original 16-bit release?

    We've already seen companies like Capcom and Konami resurrect classic franchises on the WiiWare service, many using the classic 8 and 16-bit visuals found in the original titles to give them even more retro appeal. So it should come as no surprise that Square Enix has also seen fit to...

  • Nintendo Download Final Fantasy, Even More Art, and Animal Crossing Apps (EU)

    No love for the Virtual Console this week. Boooooooo!

    Things were looking good for a short while - The VC seemed to be getting new games every week as of a month or so ago. But two weeks ago, and now again this week, there's not a single new VC game in sight - Please don't tell us Nintendo of Europe is going back to alternating VC and WiiWare weeks!...

  • News Oh No, There's a Zombie Panic in Wonderland

    Zombie shoot-em-up action to hit WiiWare later this year.

    Spanish developers, Akaoni Studio sent over some screenshots and information today about their upcoming WiiWare zombie shooter, Zombie Panic in Wonderland. Of course we just had to share it with you. The game is a first-player shooter game with a very simple system. The player controls the character´s movements with the nunchuk at the same..

  • News Classic Controller Pro Heading West?

    Nintendo's new Classic Controller spotted at E3.

    A while ago, it was announced that Japan would be getting a new Classic Controller. This still hasn't happened - it'll be released in August, and they've already announced a differently coloured one for release on the same day - but it's apparently already clear that it will be released elsewhere as well. The Classic Controller Pro has been spotted..

  • News Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (3rd June)

    It's Wednesday again and time for the WiiWare Top 20!

    It's time to take a look at the most popular WiiWare titles available on the Wii Shop Channel. If you're feeling adventurous you can even take a look for yourself by simply logging on to your Wii Shop Channel, heading into the WiiWare section and then viewing "Popular Games". It's that easy! We compile this list using the USA region..

  • News Swords & Soldiers Out in North America Next Monday

    WiiWare's first RTS game finally hits American shores in a few days.

    Ronimo Games has announced that Swords & Soldiers will be released in North America on June 8th. That's next week! Although you probably already know by now, Swords & Soldiers is the first RTS (Real-time strategy) game to be released on WiiWare. It's also a 2D sidescroller...

  • News Konami Confirms Zephyr: Rise Of The Elements For Wii

    Rip up the landscape as an element of destruction

    Konami has confirmed that Zephyr: Rise of the Elements is coming to Nintendo's Wii console The game places you in the shoes (assuming they have shoes) of a tornado, with the ultimate objective being to cause as much carnage as possible to the surrounding location. The game takes place over 11 levels...

  • News Bplus Announces Bit Boy!!

    Are you ready to get Bit?

    Bplus has just sent out an official press release announcing their brand new WiiWare title Bit Boy!!. You'll get to take control of Kubi as he traverses through the various generations of video games in an attempt to rescue his fellow pixel pals. Below is the official press release which gives some more information and insight into this new WiiWare release. You can also..

  • News Tales Of Monkey Island coming to WiiWare

    Telltale Games revives LucasArts's classic graphic adventure series for WiiWare and PC.

    Californian development studio Telltale Games today announced plans to reignite LucasArt's seminal Monkey Island franchise with two projects - a high-definition remake of the classic Secret Of Monkey Island game for PC and Xbox Live Arcade and an all-new episodic series called Tales Of Monkey Island for PC and..

  • Nintendo Download Flip Champs, Final Fantasy IV, Boulder Dash (US)

    A quartet of games for you lucky North American people

    A four-game salvo awaits North American gamers this week; Mighty Flip Champs we already knew about but Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is likely to be the pick of the bunch for most Nintendo fans. The WiiWare release is set after the events of the fourth Final Fantasy game and promises the...


  • 26


    Review Fish'em All

    A game about fishing that isn't actually a fishing game. A worthwhile catch or the one that got away?

    WiiWare's already got a fishing game - Cocoto Fishing Master, which isn't exactly very exciting. So when another one was announced, we couldn't help but hope it'd be a bit better. It seems like our prayers fell on deaf ears though, because although Fish'em All is about fishing, you don't actually..

  • News Texas Hold'em Tournament Gets Patched For Europe

    No more stalls. Just in time for North America on Monday!

    Good news for poker fans today as we have received confirmation that Digital Leisure’s Texas Hold'em Tournament has received a patch which fixes a bug in the game. To download it simply go to the Wii Shop and navigate to the game, you should now see that it is tagged as ‘new version’...

  • Nintendo Download 2 June 2009 (Japan)

    A 3+3 week for the Wii and another break for the DSiWare service.

    The DSiWare service seems to be taking another holiday next week, but the Wii gets another six downloads with three new WiiWare titles and three new VC titles. No real surprises here as these games have been forecast in the press previously (the VC ones only today!). WiiWare titles for the 2nd of June: Okiraku Daifugoo (500pts.) -- a..

  • Nintendo Download Space Harrier Arcade, Fish'em All and Art Style: NEMREM (EU)

    The first new arcade game since Virtual Console Arcade launched is accompanied by one more game for each service.

    After last week's lack of a new VC game it's a bit surprising to see just one this week. At least it's a somewhat long-awaited one! The arcade version of Space Harrier is long overdue - Its Master System port and Mega Drive sequel have...

  • News New Frobot Teleporter Video

    Check out the teleporter function in Frobot.

    Andrew Lum, producer of the upcoming WiiWare title Frobot, just sent us a brand new video showing the game's teleporter game play. Below is a snippet taken from the official blog entry by Frobot designer Eric Esteb and describes the teleporter function found in various levels throughout the game. You can also check out the new video below for a bit more..

  • News Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (27th May)

    It's Wednesday again and time for the WiiWare Top 20!

    It's time to take a look at the most popular WiiWare titles available on the Wii Shop Channel. If you're feeling adventurous you can even take a look for yourself by simply logging on to your Wii Shop Channel, heading into the WiiWare section and then viewing "Popular Games". It's that...

  • News Alien Hominid Joins The Meat Team

    More indie lovin' for WiiWare platformer

    Super Meat Boy has quite the posse. Tim, from XBLA's Braid, was the first to fly their meat freak flag. Bit.Trip Beat's Commander Video then donned the colors, and now a fellow Newgrounds compatriot has joined the ever-growing army of meat fans: Alien Hominid. Score one for, well, everyone! SMB is expected to...

  • Interviews Fish'em All! - Abylight

    Abylight spills the beans on their Wiiware debut.

    Coinciding with the release of Fish’em All! for Wiiware in Europe this coming Friday, comes our chat with Nacho Garcia from the Spanish developers Abylight. So sit back, relax, and open the floodgates of knowledge which shall pour forth from the minds of Abylight! Nintendo Life: Can you tell us a little bit about Abylight? Nacho Garcia: We are a..

  • First Impressions Muscle March

    Namco delivers possibly the most bizarre game to come from Japan in years.

    If you've gotten into the Japanese import scene at all you've probably discovered that there's games released in Japan that never see localisation outside of Japan. Japanese game developers have a knack for coming up with some pretty unusual game concepts and Japanese publishers seem to be willing to bring these to a..

  • First Impressions Arkanoid Plus!

    Taito plays it safe in bringing back a classic.

    Whilst Atari's Breakout and Super Breakout pioneered the arcade block-breaking games that are well-worn cliches today, Taito's Arkanoid really took the idea to the next level and no one's improved upon it since. The game concept is pretty simple: a bar at the bottom of the screen is used to bounce a...

  • News Taito Announces More Retro-tastic Games

    New-old versions of Arkanoid, Space Invaders and Bust-A-Move coming to WiiWare

    Did you like Bubble Bobble Plus!? Taito is banking on a big ol' "yes" to that one, because the company has announced it'll be unleashing five more new-old games for WiiWare and DS. Bust-A-Move Plus!, Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure and Arkanoid Plus! will be competing for your Wii Points, with Space..

  • News WiiWare Poker Game Too Sexy For Australia

    Nudity as an incentive proves to be too much for the land down under

    Poor Australian gamers. Not only do you often get neutered versions of M-rated games, but sometimes they don't even get to come out at all. You guys should really do something about that, because the archaic rating system has struck again against a poor WiiWare game. This time,...

  • News Hackers Expand Wii Storage, Door Now Open To Filthy Pirates

    More naughty-type goings on in the world of Wii homebrew

    Although the recent ability to run Virtual Console and WiiWare games from your SD card has stopped people moaning about the previously thorny issue of internal storage space, it hasn't stopped industrious hackers taking the concept to the next level by enabling users to hook up a USB hard...

  • Nintendo Download Popstars, WiiWare Remakes and Clay Fighting (US)

    Finally North America gets Bubble Bobble and Adventure Island on WiiWare

    This week the US Nintendo Download is playing catch-up with Europe except for a DSiWare app which is new. As a result we have already reviewed these games so you can get stuck right in if you like what you read! First up on DSiWare today is American Popstar: Road to Celebrity for 800 Nintendo points. This was released under..

  • Nintendo Download 26 May 2009 (Japan)

    A little bit of madness and some exciting Arcade Classic surprises coming to the Japanese Wii next week, whilst the Japanese DSiWare service comes out of a dry spell.

    On the WiiWare front we have four titles coming out next Tuesday: Muscle March from Namco Bandai for 800 points features body builders and a...polar bear...trying to catch the people...

  • Nintendo Download Crystal Defenders R2, Penguins & Friends, PiCOPiCT and Pop Superstar (EU)

    Two WiiWare and two DSiWare titles for Europe this week.

    It seems like there is no Virtual Console game this week. Last week, however, we thought there wasn't one either - Then it suddenly appeared on the Wii Shop half an hour later! Perhaps the same will happen this time. Crystal Defenders R2 isn't much of a surprise seeing as North America got it last Monday. You once again have to defend your..

  • News Groovin' Blocks Coming To Europe Soon

    Enhanced version of the game headed for Wii retail.

    Way back in September last year a fun rhythm puzzler by the name of Groovin’ Blocks boogied its way on to the WiiWare service in North America. This Lumines/Columns inspired puzzle attracted favourable reviews with our very own Corbie giving it a score of 7/10 (he claims that this is not his favourite number BTW!). European WiiWare gamers felt a..

  • First Impressions Tsuppari Oozumou Wii Heya

    Su-mo! Su-mo!

    Back in 1987 Tecmo released Tsuppari Oozumou for the Famicom. This was the first (and one of the only) sumo wrestling games to come to home consoles and was basically a button masher at heart where the object, like real sumo, is to force your opponent out of the ring or put him on his back like a fat unruly turtle. A sequel followed on the Super Famicom, but the character design was..

  • News Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (20th May)

    It's Wednesday again and time for the WiiWare Top 20!

    It's time to take a look at the most popular WiiWare titles available on the Wii Shop Channel. If you're feeling adventurous you can even take a look for yourself by simply logging on to your Wii Shop Channel, heading into the WiiWare section and then viewing "Popular Games". It's that easy! We compile this list using the USA region..

  • News Ronimo Games Announces Swords & Soldiers Contest Winners

    Four people get a special goodie bag, more people can win it in the future as well!

    If you've been paying close attention to Swords & Soldiers you should know that the game is one of the few WiiWare titles to feature achievements, for those hardcore players who like to do some extra challenges. A while back, Ronimo Games announced that if you collected all 25 achievements, a secret code would..

  • 53


    Review Crystal Defenders R2

    Does this second Crystal Defenders release bring enough new material to the table to warrant a look?

    Whereas the Xbox Live Arcade and iPhone releases of Crystal Defenders came in one package, Square-Enix has chosen to split the WiiWare release into two separate parts. We've already seen Crystal Defenders R1 released on the service and now we've...

  • 28


    Review Silver Star Chess

    A silver star for a second rate Chess game.

    As the world’s oldest game (except perhaps bowling...see the Bowling Hall of Fame in St. Louis, Missouri for a compelling argument that Bowling was invented by cavemen), Chess is the ultimate in public domain properties. Amazingly, Silver Star Chess is the first variant of the pastime on WiiWare and so wins the race to the easy cash in. But is it on par..