Wii U Interviews





  • News Blitz: Forget The Specs, Wii U Is Getting Developers Excited

    UK studio speaks out on Wii U tech specs, and why they're irrelevant

    Blitz Game Studios has spoken exclusively to Eurogamer.net about the forthcoming Wii U console, and has addressed some of the irksome issues regarding the technical specifications of the machine. With many Nintendo-hating nay-sayers pointing out that the Wii U is only capable of...

  • Interview Two Tribes - Toki Tori 2

    No more flapping around

    A little over a week ago Two Tribes released its first trailer for Toki Tori 2, showing off footage of the diminutive feathered hero solving puzzles and using various creatures in the environment to help him on his way. It showed off some nifty gameplay mechanics, while the developer revealed details via its blog of the...




  • Interview Tanukii Studios - Go! Go! Kokopolo and Beyond

    We sit down with the sole member of the young DSiWare dev

    Here at Nintendo Life, two things we love are creative independent developers and unique game designs. One great example of the latter is the recently released Go! Go! Kokopolo, a quirky, challenging downloadable title that hit the DSi Shop a little while ago and scored an 8/10 in our Go!...