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  • Nintendo Download 2nd March (Europe)

    Breath of the Wild! Ghost Blade HD! SEGA discounts galore! More!

    Another week dawns and just so happens to include the launch of the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Download Update details for Europe, however, focus on the Wii U and 3DS treats to come, which happen to include the highest profile launch title for the new system. Beyond that obvious...

  • Nintendo Download 23rd February (North America)

    forma.8! Ghost Blade HD! Harvest Moon 64!

    It's that time, once again, for the Nintendo Download Update details for North America. This week offers up a few interesting choices, so let's get to it. Missed the European Nintendo Download Update? Turn that frown upside down, the details are still waiting for you right here. 3DS eShop: Go! Go!...

  • News Harvest Moon 64 Heading to Wii U in North America This Week as Part of Anniversary Celebrations

    More surprises promised throughout 2017

    This week's European Nintendo Download Update details included the happy news that Harvest Moon 64 will be heading to the Wii U Virtual Console; that was a welcome surprise as the title originally skipped the region and it was previously thought that plans to release it as a download had been dropped. North...

  • News 2013 Kickstarter Success Soul Saga Is Still Coming To The Wii U eShop

    No news on Switch version, though

    Soul Saga was successfully funded on Kickstarter way back in 2013, with 5,631 backers pledging $195,528 to make Disastercake's love letter to classic titles like Final Fantasy a reality. A Wii U version was secured even before the campaign had ended, with the developer outlining some fairly bold plans for how the

  • Nintendo Download 23rd February (Europe)

    forma.8! Harvest Moon 64! Vaccine! Much more!

    As a fresh week begins we have the European Nintendo Download Update details to consider, showing us the digital goodies on the way later this week. This time around it's the Wii U that gets most of the new content, with some DLC and discounts also on the list - let's get to it. Wii U eShop: forma.8...

  • Nintendo Download 16th February (North America)

    Tanks, Beds, Balls, Cubes and Ogres!

    It's that time, once again, for the Nintendo Download Update details for North America. This week offers up a few interesting choices, so let's get to it. Missed the European Nintendo Download Update? Turn that frown upside down, the details are still waiting for you right here. 3DS eShop: Tank Troopers...

  • Interview Preparing for Adventure in forma.8 on the Wii U eShop

    "We can't wait to work on Switch, it's such a lovely bit of kit!"

    MixedBag rightly earned praise for Futuridium EP Deluxe, which brought its colourful and high tempo gameplay to both the Wii U and New 3DS. Yet forma.8 was the first project we heard of from the Italian studio - it emerged in early 2014, was part of the [email protected] demo promotion...

  • News Vaccine Will Bring '90s Horror to the Wii U eShop Very Soon

    No ink ribbons that we can see

    RNC (Rainy Night Creations) is a young development studio that's already delivered a fairly accomplished effort with FreezeME, a 3D platformer that drew heavy inspiration from the N64 era along with some modern aspects. The studio's next title also looks to add its own twist to an established genre, in this case the...

  • Nintendo Download 16th February (Europe)

    Tank Troopers! Dragon Ball Fusions! Breath of the Wild Themes! More!

    Another week begins, dear readers, which means it's time for a look ahead to the Nintendo Download Update goodies coming to Europe. This week has a first-party eShop download and a long awaited retail release, while a huge upcoming Switch / Wii U title gets a couple of 3DS HOME...

  • 26

    Wii U eShop / TG-16

    Review Gradius

    Arcade-style pew-pew

    Gradius will forever be considered a definitive game in the shoot 'em up genre, held up as a key example of what makes these kind of games truly special. It's a game familiar for its iconic NES version, of course, but the release of the TurboGrafx-16 iteration on the Wii U Virtual Console is a welcome one - after all, it was a...

  • 15

    Wii U eShop

    Review Plantera

    A nice day in the garden

    Sometimes it can be nice to simply relax with a peaceful, calming game, that doesn't demand great skill or dedication. That is exactly what Plantera delivers. It is centred around growing a garden and selling produce in return for money, with which more plants and animals can be bought, and so on. The gameplay isn't...

  • News Mutant Alien Moles of the Dead is Bringing Its Awesome Name to the Wii U eShop

    A 'game of reflexes' that shakes things up

    EnjoyUp Games is likely a familiar name to some eShop aficionados, with the developer and publisher being prolific on the 3DS and Wii U. It's now announced another project as part of its publishing activities - Mutant Alien Moles of the Dead by Pixel Bones Studio. It looks rather colourful and could...

  • Nintendo Download 9th February (North America)

    Plantera! Mario vs. DK! Azure Striker Gunvolt anime! More!

    It's that time, once again, for the Nintendo Download Update details for North America. This week offers up a few interesting choices with a dual release, a sequel to a surprise gem of 2016 and a Virtual Console arrival among the most promising. There are a few options whether you're rocking...

  • News Swap Fire Update in the Works, Currently on Discount Ahead of Valentine's Day

    EU release also on the agenda

    The Wii U eShop has the tendency to throw up some surprising and clever games, and Swap Fire aimed to deliver just this in 2016. Primarily a local multiplayer game - though you can play it solo - its hook is that when you shoot an opponent you swap places with them, setting up the potential for some chaotic and...

  • 11

    Wii U eShop

    Review Toby: The Secret Mine

    Shady stuff

    The Wii U eShop has played host to some wonderful indie titles over the years, and despite the console's impending retirement there's still room for another sleeper hit to offer a charming send off. With its distinctive art-style, intriguing level design and enigmatic story, Toby: The Secret Mine seemed set to impress when first...

  • News Metroidvania forma.8 Launches This Month On The European Wii U eShop

    Better late than never

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXsD9iv56s0 MixedBag has revealed that its Metroidvania title forma.8 is coming to the European Wii U eShop - as well as other platforms - later this month. The game has been on our radar since 2014, and the developer lavished praise on the Wii U's unique controller in an exclusive interview

  • Nintendo Download 9th February (Europe)

    Plantera! Ogre Battle 64! Swapdoodle DLC! More!

    With the start of another week we have a look at the downloadable treats heading to Europe in a few days, and this time around there are some interesting new downloads to consider. We have a few Nindie releases, DLC from Nintendo and a slice of N64 gaming on Wii U, while the 3DS also has some notable...

  • Nintendo Download 2nd February (North America)

    Fire Emblem Heroes! Poochy & Yoshi! TurboGrafx-16 games! More!

    It's that time, once again, for the North American Nintendo Download Update. We'll be so bold as to say it's a decent week - there's an excellent retail arrival on 3DS, a high-profile mobile release, two TurboGrafx-16 games on Wii U, and also some interesting download-only offerings on...

  • News Nintendo Has Finally Pulled The Plug On Project Giant Robot

    System failure

    Nintendo has cancelled the experimental Wii U title Project Giant Robot, it has been confirmed. The game was originally shown off at E3 2014 alongside Project Guard as a showcase for the unique potential of the Wii U's GamePad controller. While Project Guard would become part of the Star Fox serie


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