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  • News Sega's Wonder Boy Lives On In Monster Boy, And He Could Be Coming To Wii U

    Made in collaboration with series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa

    Sega's Wonder Boy series - produced with the now defunct Westone - is one of those classic 8 and 16-bit franchises which tragically never made the transition to 3D, and as a result has faded into memory in recent times. However, things are looking up for fans. While we're not exactly...

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    Review Midnight

    A decent par

    Atmosphere holds a lot of weight to a game's appeal. Case in point: for all the popularity of gritty military shooters and edgy, hyper-realistic open world games today, there seems to be a sizeable demographic of players wearied by the very thought of jumping into these genres. Beyond disinterest in their gameplay, their lack of...