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  • Reminder This is the Final Day for a Number of My Nintendo Rewards

    The clock is ticking

    My Nintendo has, so far, proven to be an interesting Club Nintendo replacement. It's been quite flexible, and with Miitomo rewards thrown in has included some quirky treats for those that like virtual outfits. Beyond that it's included full game downloads, DLC and a variety of discounts. Nevertheless the end is nigh for a whole...

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    Review Paranautical Activity

    Horrifying yet hard to put down

    Have you ever watched a movie that's so bad it's good? One that you know you rationally should not enjoy, but do anyway? If you have, then you might understand the appeal of Paranautical Activity. Paranautical Activity is a bit like a mashup of three separate games in three disparate genres. The core gameplay...

  • News EB Games Display Lists Mighty No. 9 for a Summer 2016 Release

    The saga continues

    At this point, the journey that Mighty No. 9 has taken to development has become almost comical. After a record breaking Kickstarter, hype was at an all-time high, but things quickly began to deflate after numerous delays and an attempt at doing a second fundraising campaign. The development team has remained worryingly quiet as...

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    This late in the Wii U's lifecycle the low expectations for good Nintendo Web Framework games are becoming the norm. Where we were once shocked at the poor quality of a number of these low-budget indie titles, we now roll our eyes and shrug. But when a title is hyped by its developer as its pièce de résistance, the end result had better...

  • Nintendo Download 28th April (North America)

    Xenoblade Chronicles! SteamWorld DLC! Lost Reavers! Mini Mario! More!

    It's that time again, dear readers, for the North American Nintendo Download Update, and this week has some promising options. One of the Wii's finest games lands on the Wii U Virtual Console, while both eShop platforms have interesting download-only options to consider. On top of...

  • News Nintendo's eShop Revenues Hit a New High, Driven By DLC and Generation I Pokémon

    North America likes the eShop the most...

    Nintendo has, despite some hotly debated announcements, returned profits for the last financial year. Hooray! As a business it also had some positives to share in terms of sales, in particular pointing to upward momentum in key areas. One of these is in downloads, with a significant slice of sales moving...

  • News Xenoblade Chronicles Looks Set For The North American Wii U Virtual Console

    At last!

    Xenoblade Chronicles has had a somewhat troubled history in North America. It took longer than seemed fair to make its way to the region, and then was exclusive to GameStop and Nintendo's rather limited official store of the time. GameStop was criticised for pricing and stock availability, and was even accused at one point of selling...

  • News Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle Passes 60,000 Sales in Under 24 Hours

    Far surpassing the North America-only 2015 bundle

    In the past 24 hours Humble Bundle launched the second ever Nintendo eShop offering, the Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle. It contains a mix of retail downloads and eShop-only titles at a huge discount (with more to be announced in six day's time) and, importantly, it's available around the world...

  • Feature Taking a Dash at Runbow's DLC Offerings

    ​The Colours Out of Space

    It's really no secret at all that many of us at Nintendo Life are giddy for Runbow and its perilous, polychromatic platforming. We scored it a 9 in our review and it ranked on both staff and readers' digital picks for last year. The crew at 13AM Games has since released some additional c

  • News Humble Friends of Nintendo Bundle Offers Games at a Huge Discount

    Darksiders II! Shantae and the Pirates Curse! Freedom Planet! Many more!

    North American gamers may remember the Humble Nindie Bundle last year, which offered huge savings on some excellent eShop games. It was only available in that region, but now we have a new bundle announced for both Europe (including Australia and South Africa) and the Americas...

  • Rumour Xbox Store Listing Indicates That Mighty No. 9 Has Been Delayed Until December

    UPDATE: Or perhaps not...

    UPDATE: Well, this is embarrassing. Thanks to kindly people on Twitter like Prof.9, it has come to our attention that "12/02/16" is actually using the European date system (12th February 2016) and not the American system (2nd December 2016). The 12th was the original launch date for the game in Europe. It would appear...

  • News Pankapu: The Dreamkeeper is Coming to Nintendo Consoles

    This developer is Too Kind

    Some of you may have been aware of a recent Kickstarter project called Pankapu: The Dreamkeeper. An interesting 2D action platformer that calls to mind UbiArt projects like Child of Light or Rayman Origins, this project received its funding to go into production at the tail end of last year. A Wii U port was one of the...

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    Review Chasing Dead

    A shambling horror

    The opening of Chasing Dead sees you hurtling into the atmosphere of a newly discovered second Earth, Intel delivered to you via a short video sequence consisting of a live actress with a cheap looking OSD overlay; one could easily imagine a parallel universe where the Mega CD2 became a reality and FMV games continued to thrive...

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    Review Draw 2 Survive

    You Know the Lines

    Have you ever seen one of those back-of-magazine art school tests? The ones that provide simple line art of, say, a turtle and ask you to turn it into something more detailed by adding on top of it? That's how Draw 2 Survive feels at the moment. It has potential, but what's currently there needs to be drawn out and embellished...

  • Nintendo Download 28th April (Europe)

    Yo-kai Watch! SteamWorld DLC! Lost Reavers! Mini Mario! Much, much more!

    With the beginning of another week we have the Nintendo Download update details for Europe, letting us know what download goodies that are on the way soon. This week's most notable arrival is a Level 5 RPG that is a phenomenon in Japan, though the overall download update is...

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    Review Olympia Rising

    A jump into the past

    Paleozoic's Olympia Rising initially started as a campaign on Kickstarter in 2014. Fans were drawn in by the nostalgia of old 2D platformers and hoped Olympia Rising could live up to expectation. A unique mix of Greek mythology along with the classic genre, this game definitely delivers in terms of visuals and story, but is...

  • News The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Coming To Wii U "In The Coming Months"

    And you thought it would never happen

    Once upon a time, it seemed unlikely that The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth would ever arrive on the Wii U. Nicalis' Tyrone Rodriguez tweeted back in November that he wasn't happy with the performance of the game on Nintendo's console, and many assumed the game would be skipping the platform entirely. However,...

  • Nintendo Download 21st April (North America)

    Star Fox Zero/Guard! Pinball Arcade! Pocket Card Jockey demo! More!

    It's that time again for the North American Nintendo Download Update, and the leading games this week are undoubted those that feature talking animals that fly spaceships. Beyond that we have puzzles and pinball on Wii U alongside some last-gen minigames. On 3DS there's a mix of...

  • News The Deer God is Gracing The North American eShop With Its Presence on 28th April

    Mobot Studios is on publishing duty

    The Deer God is a title we've been watching for quite some time, as it offers eye-catching visuals and bold claims as an atmospheric adventure. Publisher Mobot Games has now brought some good news, confirming that it's going to arrive on the Wii U eShop in North America on 28th April, costing $7.99 in the US...

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    Review Star Fox Guard

    En garde, robot scum!

    Project Guard debuted at E3 2014 as part of an initiative from Nintendo to craft new experiences that could only be pulled off with the GamePad. What was then a small, weird, experimental game is now a small, weird, experimental game set in the Star Fox universe. Oh, and a pretty great — if distressing — proof of concept...

  • News RCMADIAX Has Three New Wii U eShop Titles On The Way

    Coming in June and July

    Prolific indie studio RCMADIAX has released information regarding three new Wii U eShop titles, all of which are launching in the next few months. As we've come to expect from the company, these titles present quite a mix of gameplay styles. Here are the details: MEGA WIN CASINO SLOTS - Est Release June 2016 Bring home the...

  • Video Nintendo Spring Partner Preview Spotlights Upcoming eShop Games

    Axiom Verge! Tumblestone! Shantae! Super Meat Boy!

    It's been a while since the last Nintendo Direct, and now that E3 is only a couple months away, it doesn't seem likely that Nintendo will be making any major announcements before the big event. Perhaps in lieu of a Nintendo Direct, a video was recently posted called 'Nintendo Spring Partner...

  • News Campaign Seeks to Spin the Tale Behind EarthBound Beginnings

    Kickstart your Mother

    EarthBound Beginningswas finally released on the Wii U Virtual Console last year, providing the first official western access to what is known in Japan as Mother. This is far from the whole story, however, The full tale involves an unreleased original localisation, leaked carts, and secret dealings; and a documentary team wants...

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    Review Chronicles Of Teddy: Harmony Of Exidus

    Cuddly but not perfect

    Childhood security blankets come in many forms - a favourite stuffed toy, blankets, specific articles of clothing and imaginary friends - to name a few. In Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus, security takes the shape of a possessed teddy bear, a sturdy shield, and a really sharp sword. Chronicles of Teddy sees a young...

  • News Another Former Rare Staffer Joins the Yooka-Laylee Project

    Many hands make light work

    Ever since the initial announcement and hype of Yooka-Laylee, it seems that new information on the upcoming title has been difficult to come by. No doubt this means that Playtonic is hard at work, polishing up what will hopefully be a glorious homage to the great N64 platformers of old. Of course, this project is being...

  • Video Enjoy Some Perky Music in This Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge Trailer

    Toys to virtual life

    Nintendo has dabbled in free-to-play amiibo experiences before now, with amiibo Touch and Play being, in this writer's opinion, a bit naff. Nevertheless Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge looks like a better free-to-play use of the toys, at least for those with a decent collection. The Mini Mario series has been a fun...

  • Nintendo Download 21st April (Europe)

    Star Fox Zero/Guard! Mario Party! Langrisser Re:Incarnation Tensei! More!

    Another week is underway, and as always we can get up and running with the Nintendo Download Update details for Europe. This week brings an iconic franchise to the Wii U, twice, along with some other download-only options and two retro party games. The 3DS has a major release...

  • News Chompy Chomp Chomp Party Arrives in North America on 19th May

    Get ready to end some friendships

    Those of you that enjoy some couch multiplayer gaming will almost certainly be familiar with Mario Party. Centered around a series of minigames, this board game-like multiplayer series rewards screwing over your friends and doing whatever it takes to get ahead. Chompy Chomp Chomp Party has continued this trend of...

  • Reminder Six Wii U Games Are Now Discounted to Nintendo Selects Prices in the European eShop

    DK Tropical Freeze! Wind Waker HD! LEGO City! More!

    It was mentioned in the European Nintendo Download Update at the start of the week, but five days is a long time in the modern world. Nintendo of Europe has released six 'Selects' budget titles for Wii U in stores, but pleasingly the discounts are also available on the eShop; there's even an extra...

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    Review Chompy Chomp Chomp Party

    Om nom nom nom nom

    When a game has a title like Chompy Chomp Chomp Party and comes from a publisher called Utopian World of Sandwiches it is pretty hard to ignore, although with a promise of support for up to nine players locally and some truly crazy looking gameplay footage, this was never a title to be overlooked anyway. Unsurprisingly, Chompy...

  • Nintendo Download 14th April (North America)

    Bravely Second! New 3DS VC! Lost Reavers beta! Runbow DLC! Much more!

    It's the time once again for the North American Nintendo Download Update, and this week serves up a lot of enticing goodies. The Wii U offering includes a range of promising download games, a beta, DS classic and DLC for one of 2015's premium eShop exclusives; on New 3DS we have...

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    Review Asdivine Hearts

    Meowzers, it’s a Sassy Cat God!

    Kemco has certainly released a lot of RPG mobile games over the past few years, so much so that it's hard to filter out which ones are actually worth playing. Asdivine Hearts was initially released for mobile and was a combined effort from both Kemco and EXE Create. Was it worth it? Yes. It's not going to win any...

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    Review U Host

    Hosting Me, Hosting U

    Nintendo consoles have been no stranger to party games over the years, and accessibility has always played into that success. Whether it was a dance-off or a quick bout of tennis, both software and hardware worked in tandem to ensure that absolutely anybody could join in on the fun. The introduction of the Wii U GamePad added...

  • News Run Run and Die is Bringing Cartoonish Penguin Deaths to Wii U

    It's all in the title

    The Wii U eShop has played host to a variety of games previously seen on PC, and can now add Run Run and Die to the list - it was also a PlayStation Mobile game. Developed by Pixel Bones Studio and being published on Wii U by EnjoyUp Games, it's a simple runner designed to make you rage. There are 24 levels in total, some...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Lovely Planet


    Lovely Planet is a cutely packaged title that conceals a surprising amount of technical gravity. It's like opening a Hello Kitty backpack and finding nuclear launch codes within. Bright colours, an upbeat soundtrack and a very minimalist, very Japanese art direction make it easy to link Lovely Planet with other quirky titles such as...

  • News Headup Games Lines Up More Intriguing Titles for the Wii U eShop

    Three on the way, and a potential fourth

    Headup Games is a prolific publisher across various platforms, and recently brought Brainseed Factory's Wii U exclusive Typoman to the world. It's keen to support Nintendo's store, too, and has confirmed a number of future titles for the system that will also be on show at next week's PAX East in Boston...

  • News Dodge Club Party To Make Its Mark on Wii U in North America This Week

    You can also try Dodge Club Pocket for free, even in Europe

    Dot Arcade was one of the most intriguing Wii U eShop releases of 2015. It was unique in that it offered three stylistic 'light dot' games, where a coloured dot matrix game was lovingly created on screen. It was quirky, clever, and we absolutely loved it. Developer JAMES MONTAGNA is...

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    Review The Beggar's Ride

    From rags to riches?

    Bad Seed's The Beggar's Ride hit the world of mobile gaming late last year, and has now made the transition to the Wii U eShop. The tale follows an unlikely hero in the shape of an old bearded beggar as he is teleported to a mysterious and desolate land, where he finds a cryptic mask which gives him the power to see and control...

  • Video Grab a Rundown of all of Runbow's New and Delicious DLC

    Adding additional Val-Hue

    Runbow has been available on the Wii U eShop for a little over six months and it's safe to say it's a favourite amongst the team here at NLife Towers. That love is no doubt going to run even deeper now that 13AM Games is about to release a wealth of brand new DLC for this action-packed party platformer. Check out the video...

  • News Wii U eShop Exclusive 3Souls is Heading for an Episodic Release

    Episode 1 to hit original Q2 window

    Early this year developer Red Column unveiled 3Souls as a Wii U eShop exclusive, an ambitious project that places the GamePad at the core of the gameplay. Targeting a Q2 release, it's now being restructured in order to achieve the best possible results. It's becoming episodic, with 3Souls - Episode 1: Nelesa...

  • Nintendo Download 14th April (Europe)

    Nintendo Selects! Lost Reavers beta! Runbow DLC! Olympia Rising! Much more!

    With the start of another week we have the Nintendo Download Update details for Europe, and this week is full of enticing options. We have a range of new downloads on the Wii U, along with some 'Nindie' DLC and upcoming Nintendo Selects price-drops. In addition to that we...

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    Review Grumpy Reaper

    Death by a thousand lawn cuts

    The Grumpy Reaper opens with a storyline so absurd that developer Drakhar Studios should receive kudos for (presumably) shoe-horning it in to provide some context to a game that doesn't really need it. The set-up is thus: Death's granddaughter has made off with the keys to the Underworld and is releasing zombies out...

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    Review PixlCross

    More room for squares

    Picross games are something of a staple on Nintendo's DS and 3DS lines, but haven't seen much action on home consoles. Indie developer Pixlbit Studios seeks to change all that with PixlCross for the Wii U, and the results are good despite some wonkiness. If you haven't yet played a Picross game the rules are quite simple: each...

  • News 13AM Games Teases April Content for Runbow

    The self-titled "scrappy Canadians" are ready to share more

    13AM Games made a hugely impressive debut with the Wii U-exclusive Runbow in 2015, delivering an enjoyable and clever platformer that also supports chaotic multiplayer modes. The company's always been clear that more content is coming to the eShop release, and appears to be preparing to...