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    Review Defense Dome

    It seems that the rocket has missed its mark

    Defense Dome is a classic-style arcade action game developed by the aptly named HullBreach Studios for the Wii U eShop. Designed to be played in short bursts, this game offers quick access to three separate level designs, with promise for more content to be made available as add-on content. It is...

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    Review Nova-111

    Exploring Space, One Turn at a Time

    Oh to be lost in space, exploring strange new worlds with a plethora of rocks. Lots and lots of space rocks. Enjoying the thrill of combat from dangerous, colourful and stinky creatures at your fuel tanks. Rescuing your fellow scientists, some unwillingly and others affected by the loneliness that is space...

  • First Impressions Taking A Shot At Fatal Frame: Maiden Of Black Water

    "I like it here...She's calling me."

    The Fatal Frame series, known as Project Zero in Europe, has had an inconsistent presence in the West for quite some time now. Though several installments made their way onto Nintendo consoles - most notably the Wii - fans outside of Japan have grown accustomed to importing in order to get the latest spooky...

  • News Metroid Prime: Hunters Arrives on Wii U Virtual Console in Japan

    Yes please, NoA and NoE

    When Nintendo announced DS games for the Wii U Virtual Console quite some time ago, many reacted with variations of "huh", "erm" and "that's weird". Yet it has worked reasonably well in many cases, with the GamePad screen and TV having various configurations to get the most out of these previously portable titles. It also...

  • News Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS Version 1.1.1 Is Now Live

    New and classic stages, Mii Fighter outfits & more

    Nintendo’s ongoing support of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS continues with the latest patch for the game now live. Version 1.1.1 further enhances the overall game experience and also introduces new paid DLC offerings including the anticipated Super Mario Maker stage as well as seven...

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    Review Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX

    Quantity over quality

    EnjoyUp's top-down racer Rock 'N Racing Off Road, released in February, was a disappointing, frustrating experience that left much to be desired. Now, just months later, Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX aims to improve upon the formula and offer a more robust set of features, tracks, cars, and modes. Yet while there's certainly more...

  • News Excellent Shovel Knight Sales Prove That Indie Games Sell Well On Nintendo, Says Capy's Nathan Vella

    30 percent sold on 3DS, 20 percent on Wii U

    Yacht Club Games may have removed Shovel Knight's Nintendo exclusivity in recent months, but the game has still performed best on Nintendo consoles. According to Nathan Vella, president and cofounder of Capy Games, 30 percent of sales have been on the 3DS, with 20 percent of total sales on Wii U. 14...

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    Review Job the Leprechaun

    "What do I look like, me lad?"

    Job the Leprechaun is having a hard time. A witch has kidnapped his best friend, Eri, and has taken her far away, past lands filled with knights, zombies, and goblins. So Job's going to save her…eventually. First, he'll grab all the four-leaf clovers he can find, slowly moving through the poorly-defended countryside...

  • News Deep Silver And Comcept Confirm Launch Date For Mighty No. 9

    Physical and digital versions coming at the same time

    Publisher Deep Silver - along with Mighty No. 9 developer Comcept - has confirmed that the physical and digital editions of the game will launch in North America on February 9th and the rest of the world on February 12th. This revised release date was down to the game slipping from its expected...

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    Review STARWHAL

    Out of this world

    There is something to be said about the power of some good ol' fashioned couch multiplayer in this age of online gaming. There's a certain degree of delightful chaos in the experience of competing head to head with friends that are physically present that can't be replicated by voice chat or matchmaking. Nowhere is this more...

  • News The Deer God Will Bring Gorgeous Pixel-Based Nature to the Wii U eShop This December

    Different from the norm

    In August 2014 The Deer God had a successful Kickstarter campaign, with its soundtrack and handsome pixel-based visuals catching the eye of 2801 backers. One of its successful stretch goals was for a Wii U eShop release, and now Mobot Studios - which has released multiple games on the store - is stepping in as publisher to...

  • Nintendo Download 1st October (Europe)

    Animal Crossing! Medabots! 1001 Spikes! Dragon Ball Z pre-load! More!

    It's the beginning of another week, which means we have Nintendo Download Update details for Europe to consider; this week brings 3DS retail treats, a long awaited download game across both systems and even Virtual Console options. On top of that there are more download-only games...