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  • Nintendo Download 31st December (North America)

    1080° Snowboarding, Molly Maggot and various discounts

    It's the final North American Nintendo Download Update of 2015, and it's a little thin on content. Despite that there is a gem from the N64 era and some promising discounts, so all hope is not lost; let's get to it. Missed the European Nintendo Download Update? Well, your New Years' Resolution...

  • News Blitworks Will Be Publishing The Next Penelope on Wii U

    It's in good hands

    Some of you may remember some coverage we gave on a game called The Next Penelope about this time last year. At the time, it was due out on PC in a few months and it was promised to be on its way to the Wii U later in the year. While it may be that Aurelien Regard wasn't quite able to push it out before the new year, the game is...

  • News New Super Mario Bros. Wii Looks Set to Hit Europe on 7th January


    Though the Wii U Virtual Console is missing a few obvious platforms and release - ahem, GameCube - it has brought some goodies. One of the welcome additions has been Wii downloads; a number of excellent games have arrived, including some that are relatively hard to find or expensive in physical form. It's certainly had its successes in terms...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Sketch Wars

    Worse than a pen and paper

    Sometimes, drawing with a time limit can be funny. Other times, it's pure frustration. Sketch Wars falls into the latter, giving the player a clumsy set of tools, a poor choice of words, and some awful presentation and sound just to round the whole unpleasant experience off. How does one even manage to mess up a game where...

  • Giveaway Grab Yourself a Free Copy of Cube Life: Island Survival

    We have 100 copies to give away (North America only)

    It's the season for giving, so we have a giveaway of a Wii U eShop release for those among you keen on adventure and creativity. Developer Cypronia has kindly offered to give-away 100 free copies of Cube Life: Island Survival to Nintendo Life readers because, well, it's Christmas! It's a sandbox...

  • Nintendo Download 31st December (Europe)

    1080° Snowboarding! Wave Race 64! Story of Seasons! More!

    Well, we have the final European Nintendo Download Update details of 2015, and there are a couple of iconic N64 games and an enticing 3DS option included. It's not exactly a packed week, but those with a taste for the slopes or the waves should be happy. At the time of writing we've only...

  • News Minecraft Has Become the Ninth Best-Selling Game on the Japanese eShop

    A meteoric rise

    Rumours of Minecraft: Wii U Edition - and its subsequent release - happened rather quickly, but it was something that wasn't entirely surprising. The eShop already had its fair share of Minecraft clones and they'd proven that there was demand for that particular type of game on the console. While it's maybe a bit of a stretch to say...

  • Feature A Year in Development - 13AM Games

    "All game development seems to be like you're getting ready for a party"

    In the second article of this 2015 'Year in Development' series 13AM's Managing Director, Dave Proctor, talks about a big year for the studio that saw Runbow arrive as a Wii U eShop exclusive. Runbow seemed to start gaining momentum in 2014, but how would you describe the...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Dinox

    Based on the animated BBC series, Walking with Dinosaurs

    With such a name, you'd be forgiven for thinking Dinox wanted to recapture the magic of past dinosaur shooters such as Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. Sadly, this is not the case. Developed by Codix Games and published by Engine Software, Dinox is actually an educational quiz title for the Wii U eShop...

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    Wii U eShop / GBA

    Review Polarium Advance

    Black + white = fun exercise for the old grey matter

    Draw a line. OK, you'll have to give it a bit more thought than that as you won't be passing through all the squares on screen, but Polarium Advance is a simple game to play. Each puzzle consists of white and black tiles and once you've picked a start point you must draw a single line, moving...

  • Nintendo Download 24th December (North America)

    Super Mario Galaxy! Discounts galore! Festive 3DS HOME Themes! More!

    It's the final Nintendo Download Update before Christmas, which is a merry occasion indeed. However you treat the Holidays, the update should help make the week a bit more special; we have a Wii classic, some free DLC, 3DS HOME Themes and a whole load of discounts. Let's get to the...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Temple of Yog

    Yes, this is Yog

    Human sacrifice usually comes across as a pretty big deal, but not so in Temple of Yog on the Wii U eShop. Here, the multitude of tributes you send to dungeon-crawly demises seems designed to be as disposable as a bag of crisps, and just as addictive to polish off one by one. Death is just part of the daily grind in the world of...

  • News Super Mario Galaxy May Arrive on the North American Wii U eShop on 24th December

    A festive treat

    A number of Wii titles have now made their way to the Wii U eShop, and there could be a rather wonderful pre-Christmas treat on the North American store. Following a recent ESRB rating, Super Mario Galaxy's official game page on Nintendo of America's website is now listing it for a 24th December release, at the standard $19.99 price...

  • Feature A Year in Development - Shin'en Multimedia

    "All in all we did the best we can, and this has already made us happy"

    In the first of this 2015 'Year in Development' series, Shin'en Multimedia's Manfred Linzner talks about a big year for the studio that culminated in the December release of FAST Racing NEO on the Wii U eShop. As a studio you were relatively quiet early in the year, though...