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BIT.TRIP FLUX (WiiWare) Cutscene Inspiration

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Odnetnin said:

That makes about as much sense as the cutscenes in FLUX.

I see the connection.



theblackdragon said:

haha, i think i get it — it's not about putting identifiable things in front of us to show us what's going on... no images of the Commander flying through space or running with his friends. Flux just used shapes moving around the screen to show what was happening, forcing us to read into what was going on much farther than we'd had to before. as the shapes bounce around and do their thing, our minds are drawn into creating a story to go with them instead of just seeing them for what they are — simple shapes moving in a pre-arranged pattern. that's kinda what we had to do with the Flux cutscenes; a bit of imagination, and suddenly the Commander is waving goodbye (or hello? haha~).

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