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Mario Party 9 (Wii) E3 Trailer

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miletich3 said:

OMG! It's about damn time there were a MP9! Though it might not be possible, this could have been a Mario & Sonic party.



marioman123 said:

this game and many more are getting barely noticed because of the wii u and 3ds but i do love both of the new consels



Codyshelby said:

Online play would be really awesome.

I noticed though that the mini games actually look like fun! Like back in the MP2-3 days. The last few MP games have had some mediocre mini games in my opinion.

This looks good though. I'm pretty excited myself.



joey_baggett said:

YAY!!!!!! I so love me some Mario Party! Still wish Nintendo would put Mario Party 1 and 3 on the VC.

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