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Top 20 Wii U Games So Far - Part Two

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UGXwolf said:

Personally, I'm gonna have to disagree with this list. DKCTF is probably my favorite game on this console. (Of course, it's not shocking that I say that, considering difficulty is my thing, which is also the reason it's not number 1. I still can't agree with Windwaker HD beating it, though.)

I'd also have to insist that we bump up New Super Mario Bros U a few spots because of New Super Luigi U. The DLC definitely fits, and even a stale Mario game isn't a bad game by any standards. (Not that anything on this list is.)



MIDP said:

First off, they didnt say anything on this list was a bad game.
Secondly, the difficulty doesnt have to do anything with it not being number one, they simply think the other games above are better.

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