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News: GamesTM interview VC Reviews (Issue 54)

GamesTM interview VC Reviews (Issue 54)

VC Reviews get their 15 minutes of fame this month as our favourite UK multi-format videogame magazine GamesTM publish a recent interview we did with them!

Issue 54 of GamesTM will hit the shelves of all good newsagents in the UK on the 22nd of February. We get a 2 page spread in the retro section (pages 150/151) We say our piece about the PAL 50Hz issue, comment on our favourite VC games and our..

News: Top Five Most Wanted Virtual Console Games

Top Five Most Wanted Virtual Console Games

Now that the Virtual Console Archive has a commenting facility we thought what better time to ask what are the games you would most like to see on the Virtual Console. The catch is you can only pick ONE game per format and you have to give a brief reason why this should be released before any other games.

Here's my wish list to kick things off: NES...

News: The Virtual Console

The Virtual Console

Not only does Wii bring something new, it brings everything old - here's our guide to the Virtual Console.

The Virtual Console (VC) is emulation software that allows you to play older games on your Wii system. If you didn't already know, an Emulator is a piece of computer software the “emulates” pieces of computer hardware. Essentially it'll allows you to run games designed for say, the Super..