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Sun 22nd Jun 2008

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zombiefrank commented on The Wii Hard Drive Is Here And Hilariously Fake:

I think the most glaring mistake with this faux hardrive is that it does not adhere to the Wii console aesthetic at all . I would imagine that if Nintendo eventually released this product, it would at least seamlessly blend in with the console itself. Kind of like how the ill fated HD-DVD player did for the 360.



zombiefrank commented on Microsoft Befuddled by WiiWare:

I have to agree, XBLA is definitely much stronger than Wii's online game offerings. I see that some people think XNA is too lenient, therefore it would be difficult to find a hidden gem amongst them. Then I realized that at least I have options. Im a recent Wii owner, I also have owned a 360 since launch, but this whole "gem" theory really makes me sad. It almost feels like nintendo owners are jaded gamers anticipating crap to be released, in hopes that a decent game may surface. I participated in the XNA demo period and found that many of the titles were of an excellent and innovative quality. Thing is though, I do not really see services such as XNA and Wiiware as a make or break deal for a new console buyer. In fact, Im actually just Kind of tired of the whole my system is better than yours, "console wars" mentality. It is just too juvenile and annoying, just play the damn games and enjoy yourself
You are surely joking right, online, PSN>XBL...Sorry but..NO! Really though just..just No im sorry..
Virus, Defend Your Castle, while cute and fun, is just kind of a meh title.