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Zombie_Barioth commented on Skylanders Trap Team on Wii Will, Surprisingly...:

Except thats not being a realist, you have no actual evidence to back up your claims, much less anecdotal.

"Like a tunnel with the dimmest light at the end, Nintendo will stumble through the next 5 months and then.. POOF! Smash Bros fails to sell systems, Xenoblade Chronicles X is cancelled, Zelda U is delayed and the Wii U dies before it ever sees the light of day."

Nice crystal ball you've got, I mean how else would you know any of that? Smash is a big system seller so theres no reason to believe it won't boost Wii U sales. Zelda U is possible, I'll give you that, but when has Nintendo ever outright cancelled a game after its been announced? They don't do borderline vaporware like with FF Versus XIII or The Last Guardian.

The only reason 3rd-parties are a big deal is because when people say "no games" or "no 3rd-party support" they mean no big, AAA blockbuster support, thats it. Out of all the games out there those are the only ones that "matter", and they're a rather small piece if the overall puzzle. Most games aren't Assassin's Creed or Destiny. Heck, even Nintendo's games are more like Middle-ground games than AAA.

Success doesn't mean complete and total market saturation and selling CD numbers. For a "dying" platform its currently doing better than the Xbox is, and without most of those games. Now thats being a realist.



Zombie_Barioth commented on PS Vita Owners Can Now Give Their Handheld Tha...:

The Vita is a pretty good handheld from what I've seen, even if its not doing so hot right now. It's odd that Sony dropped the ball so hard coming from the PSP. I wonder if maybe since the PSP succeeded despite pro duos being expensive they could get away with it again with the Vita. Keeping the $250 price point for so long even after Nintendo dropped the 3DS's price and released the XL didn't help much either.

They haven't even gotten backwards-compatibility fully supported yet, which seems to be quite a selling point for some, myself included.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Master System:

The Master System is a funny one for me, I remember the games but I don't remember owning the console too well. Its definitely one of the consoles responsible for getting me into gaming, I played the heck out of Cloud Master, Double Dragon, and Ys: Vanished Omens on that thing.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Wii U Purchasing Intent Increases By Half In T...:

Well, they certainly caught my attention with E3 and the recent news and announcements on their games. So far its the console I'd be most likely to get out of the 3 next-gen contenders.

The PS4's price won't drop for quite a while short if Black Friday sales, especially given how well its been doing, so picking it up now in anticipation of upcoming games is a pretty safe bet.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Ocarina of Time Joins Hyrule Warriors With She...:

I never did either, until I compared it to Digimon World, which was based off Tamagotchi-type toys itself.

A Monster Rancher style Pokemon spin-off would be an interesting idea, the problem though is creating monsters from discs and the breeding/combining aspect was a huge selling point of the series. They tried the figurine route with Rumble U, and Mystery Dungeon has dungeon-crawling covered. I doubt people would tolerate having to buy psuedo-random coins to generate monsters, and it would ruin the magic of 'unlocking' whats inside.

Personally, I'd rather just have a new Monster Rancher, maybe even make a new anime to go along with it. The series is obscure enough to feel 'new' to a lot of people, especially kids.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Latest Wii U System Update Allows Console To C...:

Obviously you shouldn't, but on the flip-side you could sell your Wii U with your old account and games if you wanted, so it could be abused either way. People did that with PSPs all the time.

Anyway, @Dualwielding's point about Sony and MS still stands, and the point is its a very basic feature of digital platforms. They aren't obligated to provide it, but its foolish not to by today's standard. Sony was new to it as well 7-8 years ago, they had PSN accounts figured out and everything planned from the start.

Nintendo came up with friend-codes, figured out online play, digital purchases and even DLC, so they blew the "still figuring things out" excuse. I seriously doubt they're exploring anything. It just seems to be really low-priority for them, they don't see an immediate benefit in it for them, not like say, a game has, so they'll "get to it when they get to it".



Zombie_Barioth commented on Bill Trinen Shares His History of the Treehous...:

That has nothing to do with localization, if anything its the extra work created from the jump to HD.

Skimping on localization won't fix that, only cheapen the finished project. People actually do appreciate good localization, they might be able to get away with it but good localization doesn't just translate the words, it translates everything in a way that makes sense for the intended audience. Animal Crossing is a game that Treehouse made popular mainly due to their great localization, its thanks to them we even have the series in the west today.

Having a large staff allows the localization team to handle more than one game at a time, which is important for Nintendo given their strategy. They probably have them doing 2-3 games at a time depending on what they are.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Check Out the Evolution of Visuals in Pokémon...:

They probably did, they did the same for the Gamecube games, both colosseum and XD used the Stadium models for the original 251. It makes more sense to reuse those than make them all from scratch.

And yea, I really hope they work on amie and expand on it a bit. With contests making a return they just might too, the two fit nicely together.

You know its been a hat all along, right? You can see his real hair even on the sprite. Or at least I hope so, otherwise he'd have to have dyed his sideburns black or something.:D



Zombie_Barioth commented on Bill Trinen Shares His History of the Treehous...:

"The 1998 Staffing levels seems about right."

What, the team of two? They expanded because that wasn't enough man-power even back then, never mind now.

You say they "waste" far too many resources on localization, but thats exactly what those guys were hired for in the first place. You do know that for companies like Atlus and XSEED localization is a big part of what they do, right? If Nintendo didn't do it in-house they'd have to hire someone else to do it for them, which would cost them more since the 3rd-party will want to profit from it. With Treehouse all they pay are the overhead costs. They're not being paid instead of developers, but in addition to them.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Check Out the Evolution of Visuals in Pokémon...:

Thats what I'm thinking too. People probably don't realize it but Game Freak hasn't actually done any 3D games themselves. Stadium and Snap were handled by HAL, Mystery Dungeon was all Spike Chunsoft, and the Gamecube games were Genius Sonority. So X&Y were their first ever 3D games in 25 years.

That being said I don't think they did that bad, its how they do going forward thats really important. So far OR/AS look like a nice improvement over both the originals and X/Y.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley Re-Tools Its Ite...:

Thats what I'm thinking too, it seems more like Minecraft with a hint of Harvest Moon to me than anything else. If your just going to change or remove what people have come to expect from Harvest Moon then whats the point?

I'm sure it'll be a fun game, but it seems more like an attempt to attract fans of the series to their own game than their own spin on it.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

At the end of the day. people just don't know what they want until they have it. We like to think we do, but we don't. People don't usually say what they actually want either, they say what they think they should say, which s why they parrot the "popular" opinions you usually hear. Have you seen the Jimquisition "coffee" episode? That pretty much explains it.

Wind Waker is a prime example of that. When it first came out people hated it for no other reason than the art style, they wanted another Ocarina of Time. Now that people have actually played it and its no longer new, its hailed as one of the best games in the series.

Star Fox Adventures is the "worst" Star Fox game, yet it did just a well as every other game besides SF64, and was pretty well received. Its also a good example of doing something different with a series, only to be panned for not being more of the same.

Now the same is happening with Hyrule Warriors, its not being panned for being a bad game, but for being "not Zelda" or "not what we want".



Zombie_Barioth commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

I've yet to see a consistent argument for that. In most arguments I've seen people can't even explain why they're "all the same", they just parrot themselves or the "popular" opinion.

The interesting thing about it is people sure hold these "rehashed/milked" games in high regard. Look at the fuss that was made over Earthbound. MK8 sold 2 million in just a couple days. This is for one platform, a "dying" platform. Just about every other AAA game needs 2-3 to top charts, let alone make money.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

Yep, all they've really been doing is trying to beat each other at their own game, like a couple of kids constantly trying to one-up one another.

I always find the "same games over and over" argument a bit baffling, and rather funny. Nintendo games are "all the same" "rehashes" or "milked", but then what do you call the pile of sequels and remakes from everyone else? It gets even better when its people who barely played them if at all, or even claim to be fans making such claims.

Don't even get me started on the "outgrown it" argument, unless your 12 the "I'm an adult" card is weak sauce.

Theres definitely something special about Nintendo games, they have that certain quality where they just don't lose their charm. No matter how "tired" they are they're always a big deal. Oddly enough, they seem to have more in common with niche games like Ni No Kuni or Monster Hunter than any big AAA blockbuster.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

Sadly, theres just less emphasis on the games themselves over all. Its no longer Mario vs. Sonic or Final Fight vs. Streets of Rage, its all raw power, resolution, or frame-rates now. The only time games get brought up as a main point is as an insult, kiddie cr*p vs. dudebro games and such. Go on Youtube and thats all you see people do.

Looking at it from a broader scope really turns the idea of a "go-to" console on its head, you might even have to follow another region's trends just to get the games you like.

Thats why I'm certainly not going to be interested in a PS4 anytime soon. If your interested in the smaller or niche games from the more modest companies like I am, you'll likely go where they go, namely handhelds. The PS3 and 3DS definitely have me covered there, and so far my eyes are on the Wii U and Vita. Theres not a whole lot on the other next-gen consoles thats not either cross-gen or a multiplat. That and the lack of BC to bridges the gap is going to hurt.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Sony's Shuhei Yoshida Says Nintendo Provides B...:

How so? Nintendo and its games are some of the most respected and liked in the industry's history. Many developers have cited them as as an inspiration, heck Sonic was directly inspired by playing Super Mario Bros.

Business is business though as they say, and in an industry where one failed project can sink your company it shouldn't be surprising that even those that love Nintendo dearly won't risk their own livelyhood supporting them. If they went under doing so, would Nintendo send them a check?



Zombie_Barioth commented on British Tabloid The Sun Brands Gaming "As Addi...:

"‘Call of Duty link to three suicides’"

I'm pretty sure I know exactly what story they're referring to, and those teenagers were suffering from depression. Chances are, the only 'link' with their suicide video games had were as a form of escapism from it.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Dragon Quest X Is Now Adventuring Onto 3DS:

I think that has more to do with Square-Enix's handling of the franchise in the west than anything else. The top selling games are DQVIII and DQIX, both Level-5 made games and one Nintendo handled the publishing of.

I've seen absolutely no advertising for the DS remakes, aside from their coverage in Nintendo Power, so if it wasn't for that I wouldn't have known they even existed. On top of that they were limited print and I think Gamestop exclusive as well.

Theres really no reason the series can't do well in the west, just about every RPG series in Japan is niche over here. Heck, Ni No Kuni sold less than either game and was considered successful, and its practically a spiritual successor to DQVIII the way its designed.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:

If its possible for the officials to miss it, the very people who's job it is to know theses things, then why wouldn't it be possible for a competitor to?

The fact is we have no clue what Ray does or doesn't know, if he plays mostly on emulators like @AzureFashionist said its possible he doesn't keep up with things like the Dream World, and really didn't know.

The only ones who would benefit from knowing which Pokeballs are legal for what Pokemon would be the hackers trying to make legit looking Pokemon. Its an odd mistake to make, especially for a 3-time champ who should be very familiar with the rules.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Vblank Entertainment Provides Sales Threshold ...:

They're not "paid emulation rentals", its just a rental service, basically a digital version of Blockbuster video. It won't be limited to just PS4 either.

The PS3 was $600, the PS2 itself was still retailing for $100, so it was either cut the fat and lose backwards compatibility or $200 a pop on a machine people weren't buying because it was too expensive and had poor support.

Really thought, I don't get the point of either of your posts. It has nothing to do with the topic at hand, or the Wii shop for that matter. All I got out of it was a "don't criticize this thing, everything else was even worse" type of argument. It doesn't help either side.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Developer Hints At How Minecraft Could Shape U...:

While true, thats not what I'm saying. If you built the 3DS around 1-year or so old tech, by the time it releases it'll be 2-3 years behind. So of course it'll be way behind today's technology.

Little things like buttons don't really count for much, its the custom nature of consoles that drive up the cost, extras like ESRAM or secondary CPUs. Form-factor is a big contributor as well, cramming all that into a device that fits into your pocket ain't cheap.

Its actually pretty amazing what they can get out of these things when you think about it.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Developer Hints At How Minecraft Could Shape U...:

The Samsung Tab 4 that he mentioned has a $200 7" version. Tablets in that price range are pretty common, and while your right about subsidized costs, the Google Nexus cost just under $160 to manufacture back in 2012. As we all know, the 3DS launched at $250 a year earlier.

The 3DS's problem is just what you'd expect with a console. It was designed much earlier with older tech in mind from the start, and Nintendo had to make certain compromises to keep prices in check while still allowing for certain technologies such as the lens-less 3D.



Zombie_Barioth commented on First Impressions: Getting Our Hands Dirty in ...:

Like I said, it was just a theory. From what I've heard they did the same thing to XSEED with Arc Rise Fantasia for some reason.

I doubt theres actually any big story behind it, but if that were it they would probably just go with that. Natsume using the name to promote another series could cause friction between them, since while its their name its associated with Marvelous's franchise.



Zombie_Barioth commented on First Impressions: Getting Our Hands Dirty in ...:

They're not disregarding it, Marvelous just went with XSEED instead. I've heard one theory that its because Natsume pinned "part of the Harvest Moon family" on Hometown Story, and its to "punish" Natsume for doing that (without permission, obviously).

I think that could just be an excuse if true, rather than just saying "yea, um, we're going with XSEED from now on" after all these years they can just say "you screwed up, we're taking our business elsewhere". They own XSEED so they probably want it done in-house from now on. XSEED is a lot better at localization as well.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Nintendo To Distribute Monster Hunter 4 Ultima...:

Not really, the investors are just open to the idea of a buyout/merger, theres no guarantee they actually will. As long as Nintendo is the king of handhelds they don't really need to own Monster hunter, they'd be the obvious choice for the series either way, and that would depend on Capcom's willingness to sell one of their biggest IPs.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Miyamoto Thinks That Nintendo Are in a Genre o...:

Does "too many cooks spoil the broth" mean anything to you?

What Nintendo does isn't the "easy route" either, if anything their way takes more effort since they aren't relying on pure power and flash. The gamepad probably isn't all that expensive to make since they have $250 Wii U's and a single game covers any loss.

Neither of the other consoles are exactly the pinnacle of technology either, and the point of consoles never has been that. Affordable gaming is the name of the game here. Has Nintendo ever once bragged about 1080P/60FPS? Those beefy specs are what ate up Sony and Microsoft's profits last gen. The reason we're seeing 10-year cycles is because they have to stall long enough to make any.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Nintendo Supported Our Vision The Most, Says D...:

I'd say its likely the former. Nintendo has gotten better at this stuff over the years, and even if not every complain isn't completely true hearing them enough times makes you take a good look at yourself.

I'm sure a lot of it was though, Nintendo is pretty hush-hush about a lot of things, and being turned away can be frustrating. But like most things not every complaint probably wasn't completely honest.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

I think most parents just prefer handing over their tablet, phone, or even ipod over to their kids for a bit than buy them their own personal handheld gaming device. How many non-gaming parents would see much benefit in a $170 handheld plus $40 software over that?

Tablets are also just seen as multipurpose devices, they've pretty much taken the same role as laptops these days. They can be used for work, school, web browsing, just about anything you could think of. Thats why parents buy their kids tablets, gaming is just a small piece if it, that and even non-tech savvy parents understand it. They've found the value in it themselves.

Personally, in my experience most kids don't really care what they game on, nor are they picky about what they play either. They just l want to have fun and will play with whatever is available to them.



Zombie_Barioth commented on The Unreleased Super Mario 64 DD Edition Appea...:

That was their plan at least, I don't know if it was really that difficult (like the SEGA Saturn) so much as they didn't really help 3rd parties much (not translating the manuals and such).

I thought I remembered hearing cartridges getting that big, wasn't sure about the disks though. So yea, space would still be an issue for those 3rd parties then.



Zombie_Barioth commented on The Unreleased Super Mario 64 DD Edition Appea...:

Your right, Nintendo did intentionally make the N64 difficult to work with to encourage better quality games, the idea being only the best devs could make the most of it.

Sony did the same thing too though, at least with the PS2, not sure about the PS1. Their idea was publishers wouldn't have as many resources to work on other platforms and would stick to Playstation.

The PS2's success was what made that work, so the N4DD could have been successful too. I don't know what size those disks were though so things like that might still have been an issue, although I do know back then floppies were around 35MB in size. I doubt they were even close to 700MB.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Developers Outline The Creative Process for Cr...:

To add to that, Nintendo also needs to get the Wii U brand's image on the right track before releasing the gamepad as an accessory. People already think the Wii U is an add-on, releasing it now will just lead to a bunch of people to buy one thinking it'll work on their Wii.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Agitha, of Twilight Princess Fame, Confirmed a...:

Both being Sheikah doesn't make either a clone of the other, they're a tribe of warriors so theres no reason they can't play differently. From what we've seen of Sheik she can easily fill the role of ninja, this incarnation of Impa seems to be more or less a straight up warrior or samurai.

Sheik probably will make an appearance, I can't see them passing up a chance at the ol' switcheroo.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Successfully Wooed Som...:

Yep, the grass isn't exactly greener on the other side. Theres also the fact that contrary to popular belief, most people don't pay much attention to the gaming media as most of us forum goers.

"Steampunk supernatural robo-zombie" actually sounds like an interesting idea for a game, as does the "zombie splatoon" that someone else mentioned.:P



Zombie_Barioth commented on Nintendo Needs To Cut Wii U Cost To Capitalise...:

Thats probably why the PC requirements seemed so bloated, they realized they couldn't do the E3 2012 version so they basically just hit the "off" switch and left everything else as is. The game was probably still setup to use those settings and everything.

To be fair though, they were likely just trying to appease Microsoft and Sony (most likely that former). Microsoft is known for not allowing games on their platform if it would be missing anything from the other versions, and Watch Dogs is on both Xboxes.

Thats why the PS3 version of MGS3 is missing Snake vs. Monkey, so I definitely don't see Microsoft letting an E3 2012 version of Watch Dogs slip by. They're much more aware/involved in the PC market than either Sony or Nintendo is.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Ryozo Tsujimoto Outlines Capcom's Approach to ...:

Agreed on the "lack" of a Wii U version.

Handhelds are top-dog in Japan, which is Monster Hunter's biggest market as well. Need I say more? They don't really need a console Monster Hunter, the only reason to make one is for the west, where its niche to begin with so it won't see a huge boost.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Free Copy of Bayonetta Comes as a Separate Dis...:

The average non-gamer parent or consumer buying the console for kids isn't the only one buying them, nor is it the only one Nintendo should be targeting. People do tend to 'cheap out' if you will when buying things for kids, they either don't know the difference themselves or don't think the kids will need it.

Digital distribution is a lot bigger than it was even 5yrs ago, I've even had (non-gamer) relatives ask why I don't just download it when buying them on-disk. Nintendo has been pushing it a lot, with most bundles having digital copies now. If they want people buying digital then making sure HDD space isn't a barrier is important.

While what you say about the 360 is true, both of the other consoles have 500GB standard, as does the latest PS3 models. Your also using over-priced proprietary HDDs and cheaper referbs as a reason to not have one pre-installed, when my point is if the didn't use expesive flash memory they could have had much more storage for the same price. It wouldn't be an extra expense.

I'm also didn't say size isn't an issue (remember the original Xbox?), but the Wii U's size isn't. Even if they doubled its size it'd still be much smaller than the other consoles. Heck, I'm pretty sure it'd be half the size of the Gamecube still.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Free Copy of Bayonetta Comes as a Separate Dis...:

Back when they first launched, 60-80GBs was a fair bit of space, especially for just partial installs and little downloadable games. Now a days 500GB is considered standard. Thats why they went through several storage increases, storage sizes increased and HDDs became cheaper.

A 64GB SSD is $50-60 vs. a 500GB-1TB HDD for about the same price. Cost isn't the issue, if it was they wouldn't even go with flash storage. They wanted the smallest console they could make, "something mom wouldn't mind having in the living room" were their words exactly. They could have used 2.5" HDDs without much issue.

Finally, who someone gets it. Most people don't want to fill up their cart with a bunch of extras to make things work, especially when they're already spending $300 or more on it. All you have to do is look at external HDDs to see how much that "cheaper" console will actually cost you.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Grezzo Seeks New Employees Asking If They Want...:

Thats why I said most fans. Its become a pattern though, the fanbase hypes up all these (usually) under-rated gems but they don't sell that well. Rune Factory and Monster Hunter seem to be the exception.

It could be too that these games are too niche for the hype to really matter, but even "bad" Nintendo games like Star Fox Adventures beat them so something just doesn't add up.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Eiji Aonuma Plans To Shake Up the Puzzle Formu...:

Too late, I've already seen people hate Aonuma for "ruining" Zelda. These are probably the same people who hate Hyrule Warriors for not being a "real" Zelda.

Not kidding about that either, people are actually mad that a spin-off isn't giving them what "they want" from a Zelda game.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Grezzo Seeks New Employees Asking If They Want...:

Rune Factory has actually been doing better each installment, so I don't think Nintendo fans are ignoring it. Part of the world also didn't actually get the latest one either.

Your point still stands though and I agree with it, including Mr William's movies. Most Nintendo fans aren't actually much better than anyone else buying sequels, remakes, and "rehashes". I can't help but wonder how many people will actually go out and buy Bayonetta 2, sure people like to tote it around as an exclusive, but so too was Wonderful 101.



Zombie_Barioth commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines His Work Routine and...:

I'm sure they're just waiting until VR starts to catch on and the kinks are worked out, if they aren't toying with it already and just being really tight-lipped about it.

The thing is at least for now Occulus is focused on PCs, so that will limit its audience to mainly PC gamers and enthusiasts that can use it for a while. Most people won't have a PC that can handle playing games on it, nothing AAA at least, and they certainly won't want to build one for it. Maybe Steam Machines could be the solution, but the good ones will still cost a pretty penny, on top of buying the occulus itself. Same goes for any VR build for PCs.

I don't think many people would see VR as a family thing either, which is a big part of Nintendo's demographic right there.