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Re: Review: Spelunker Party! (Switch eShop)


My kiddos and I enjoyed the demo. My biggest problems are that I would have to buy a copy for each of our Switches if we are going to be able to level up all our gear. That wouldn't be too bad if I didn't feel that the game is a little over priced.

Still might get this for a multiplayer game for us.

Re: Review: Ironcast (Switch eShop)


I really enjoyed reading the review for this game. Ironcast really looked like the whole game could fall apart but I happy to see that it it was forged to near perfection. While it won't be day one, I will pick this game up after I finish I am Setsuna and Implosion. Well, this or Phantom Trigger. Maybe both. Dammit Switch, you are not suppose to have good games out side of first parties.... someone lied to me...