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Thu 16th Jul 2009

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zelda-master commented on New Wii Zelda Artwork Leaked?:

This photo artwork gives us a huge to which the next game plot will be... Surely this one will be more mystically than any other. As you can see, the girl behind Link is and an incarnation of the Mater Sword. The absence of the sword in Link's right hand may give that away. She has many of the same features of the Mater Sword such as her waist can represent the guard of the sword with fins going out and the base. The gold lines on her stomach which are the lines that meet with the triforce and guard where that golden gem is. Her legs have lines all over which represent the hilt (handle) of the sword. And the gem on her chest I think either represents the triforce or the gem on the guard. Check out this photo that helped me out a bunch with this information and research...