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Wed 28th Oct 2009

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youknowit commented on Gold Nintendo World Championships Sells for $1...:

This is an expose on the Nintendo World Championship Golds.

Be careful of buying a Nintendo World Championships Golds because one can be easily faked. There are two flaws making this possible.

First, the are not numbered and the carts cannot be told apart from another. This makes it very difficult to prove the original owner and its ownership history.

Second, the only mark on the cart is printed on cheap non-glossed sticker paper with a 360 dpi Xerox printer. Worse yet, the sticker isn't machine cut, nor shaped by exacto knife. It is cut with original scissors by hand. Then sloppily slapped on.

If you have no soul, you can mint your own. You will also walk in the very same steps Nintendo did.

1) Get a gray cart(stay with me here) and remove the circuit board. They are 100% identical.

2) Take a Zelda cart and remove the inside and wash off the sticker. Cut a small sqaure in the upper left hand corner in the same position as the gray. Smooth it out.

3)Place the gray board in the gold and put in the screws. Since the corner is gone and the right size, the dip switch will face out nicely.

4) Scan the Nintendo World Championships logo in and match to size of any gold cart you've seen in Photoshop. Print in 360 dpi on ordinary non-gloseed sticker paper. Best if you have a color inkjets could do the trick.

5) Cut with plain scissors and place by on the front as a gold would.

There you go. You have upgraded a 6,000 dollar gray cartridge to a 17,500 gold.

Once again, DO NOT DO THIS. THIS IS FRAUD. This is to prove the golds are not a wise investment.

Why would Nintendo make it so easy. The golds were a promotion and an afterthought when the grays were made. They used what they had the official grays.