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Fri 4th Sep 2009

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yoshdude64 commented on E3 2010: Mario Kart Speeding to 3DS:

In case you haven't seen it, on the Nintendo Channel they have some 'Iwata Asks' segments. If you watch the 3DS ones, they hint about lots of this stuff for the 3DS.



yoshdude64 commented on E3 2010: Wii Predictions:

I am just waiting for 3DS. I am pretty happy with my Wii lineup right now.. Although WiiParty looks kinda.. Fun? I think I like it.



yoshdude64 commented on Wii Party:

Looking good, Nintendo! Continuing with your Wii ___ ideas is always good!



yoshdude64 commented on Level-5's New Game Linked to the Future in Mor...:

Unless it's already happened and we're living our future in reverse without even knowing it because backwards turns out to be the same as forwards. Or something.

I agree. 100%. This game sounds exiting! I like games that are based in the future, things like Spectrobes for example.



yoshdude64 commented on 3DS to Employ Parallax Barrier Technology?:

That would be good. Playing by yourself? Turn on the 3D. Friends watching the impressive new hardware capabilities? Turn off the 3D and have a portable movie theater (hopefully), however small it may be.



yoshdude64 commented on Lumines Dev Not Impressed With 3DS:

I don't care if only Ninty makes games for it! That shouldn't be to bad, and the people that are already successful on the DS are sure to try this. But at least we know people are making software for the 3DS! EXITED!