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Mon 4th Mar 2013

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yeti-co2013 commented on More Hints At Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Lo...:

really hope that Bravely Default Flying Fairy comes to the US and Europe. This games looks outstanding, the graphics design is amazing. I was even thinking of buying a Japanese Nintendo 3DS XL the problem is I don't know the language. I always wanted to learn but is not just reading as one cannot enjoy the CG movies to the fullest with only understanding 1 word or 2. Rosetta is the best way to learn the language but it costs around $200, and it takes time to learn it.
I wish most of the people in the US and Europe would request this game, as well as E.X. troopers, Beyond the Labyrinth and Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney. I'm not so interested in games that will never hit the US because of content that is inappropriate at least to some US people, games like: Senran Kagura and a few others that focus on Hentai style anime involving panchira and clothing fetishes that are popular in Japan. No Thanks I really would prefer JRPG and MMORPG style games that can be played on 3ds. I really hope its not just a rumor and that it hits US and Europe before Christmas, don't think could wait that long. Gotta keep positive.