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xtndedPlay commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

I have an idea. I could come up with an IP based upon an idea I have and people fall in love with. Then over time people can come along and suggest I change my original IP to fit their personal agenda. Um no. We do not need a transgender Link to satisfy anyone. If you want to play an action/adventure puzzler game with a female lead then play Metroid, Tomb Raider, any of the other myriad of games with a female protagonist or that allow to choose one or come up with your own IP. This is about as ridiculous of thinking Master Chief, Kratos, or Mario should be a female so we can all feel better about ourselves.



xtndedPlay commented on Hands On: We Check Out The New Nintendo 3DS XL :

About the size. It is America and we like bigger note Texas, Super size value meals, Pickup Trucks and American Football. As far as getting a new one, my boys have my old DSes. Daddy needs an upgrade and Majora's or black are just fine for me.



xtndedPlay commented on New Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Editions Already I...:

That the Mother Country would receive this before us in the Colonies is simply too much. Maybe it will be an Ambassador XL when the US finally hears about it? :-) We would also be content if it came pre-loaded Xenoblade Chronicles. Bill Trinen are you listening?!



xtndedPlay commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:

I have owned all of the systems at one time or another from Atari 2600 up to current Gen. I have played them on black & white TV's. Maybe it is because I spent most of my time during formative years with Nintendo, but I have to tell you the games I want to go back to even decades later, are Nintendo games. That has to come from somewhere. That is not to say I did not enjoy games on others systems. We can speak sales numbers and units moved. There is importance to the business in those facts. I think one day, a child is going to access NES games and fall in love the way we all did. I just have a difficult time seeing that with the other systems and their franchises.

Now, I have three boys of my own. They have access to PC, smartphone, and tablet gaming. They consistently enjoy gaming on the Wii U or DS more.



xtndedPlay commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Patch The Controversial ...:

Those of you old enough to remember the first Mario Kart games will remember that they all have had exploits. Think about it, the original drift, the turbo boost from the starting line by timing the second light, the shortcuts on tracks where you could use Lakitu to turn you around and have it count for a lap or jumping corners of the course, the first monster truck arena where you could jump just right and skip half of the track. Before the hand-holding days of today racers learned these tricks and glitches and used them to their advantage. It was part of the game. We also "trash talked our friends in the living room" We did not cry for a patch to everything. How in the world did us gamers ever beat games in the 80's? No infinite lives, having to start over when you die, learning and memorizing cheat codes and save codes, we even had buy game magazines for tricks and cheats and if you were really stumped had to call Nintendo's expensive 1-900 number to get a game hint. I hate to say it but this generation is soft with their patches, hours of tutorials, gamefaqs and youtube walkthroughs, and game news all over the place. Just play and enjoy the game and if you learn a cool new trick, pound your friend with it. If you are really nice, teach it to them so they stand a chance against you and can teach their friends something new.



xtndedPlay commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

Translation: Nintendo does not have a rich enough line up for the Wii U to release Smash when it should be. It is therefore being held as THE holiday game to purchase and hopefully, a system seller. Maybe, if the game were a new Metroid, A truly new Zelda, Pokemon, or something like Starfox, Mega Man, Final Fantasy or a surprise from Miswalker, but Smash is too niche. If it would have been possible to switch up Smash and Mario Kart 8, that probably would have been the better Christmas system seller. It just seems like bad strategy... yet again! The only consoling thought for Wii U is keeping in mind how difficult the transition was for Playstation and Microsoft to the HD era and hoping that eventually, Nintendo will hit its stride. PS and Microsoft had 3rd party propping them up though,and while Indy is the fad for now, I see that fad waning not to distantly in the future.



xtndedPlay commented on Sonic Boom:

I can see Naughty Dog's former members fingerprints all over this and that is a good thing! Listening to the voices and seeing the limited gameplay and levels reminds me of "Jak and Daxter". "Uncharted" is good in an Indiana Jones/National Treasure way but "Jak and Daxter" really nailed the adventure genre. It was funny and a little zany and that made it special.



xtndedPlay commented on Report Suggests That June Could Be Crucial For...:

People see the value of having a game developer as the President of a company and I think that is a bad idea. It was under Nintendo's previous president that we witnessed the height of NES and SNES. He was a businessmen who had an incredible acumen to see the future of the marketplace. Let a businessman run the business and let amazing developers develop. If anyone deserves to run Nintendo based upon developer performance it is Shigeru Miyamoto. Do we see him doing that?

IMHO what Nintendo needs to do is hire their own Mark Cerny and work hard at a new generation in R&D for release ASAP! Maybe that would be a great job for Shiggy or Iwata as Cerny is a programmer at heart as well. Sony wants to sell hardware, and understand games do that so they asked developers what they wanted in the console to be willing to develop for them and the resulting architecture of the PS4 reflects that. Nintendo needs to do that and combine their console model to be a truly portable model that handles all of the features of the home console proficiently. As of right now, the current Nintendo architecture on the Wii U is not one developers want to use regardless of power of the console. Nintendo also needs to market better, sooner, and bring all of its features into compatibility with what Sony and MS offers including a unilateral account system with the games tied to it. I just emulate games on my PC I have already purchased. Why in the world would I buy a game for $5-$15 (US) I paid $40 for in the NES <, two or three times over to play on my Wii/U, DS/3DS? I am not. I would gladly transfer the account to the new devices though. I really like Nintendo games and was one of their biggest fanboys growing up in the 80's and 90's, but as of late I tire of the battle when I am completely unarmed by the company.



xtndedPlay commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Pas...:

i have to agree with most of the posts that this game was and is still a favorite of mine of all time, across all systems including Sony, MS. I like the weapon gating formula of the older Zelda games. It is part of the game I have grown to enjoy and expect. It is the one little hint in the massive problem-solver that you can count on, "If I find that new weapon I know what it takes to defeat the boss." You know though, the new one aLBW captures that feeling felt in the original LoZ where you could tackle the dungeons in any order you dared to. I remember the rupee runs to pickup the magic armor early or obtaining the Master Sword early and whizzing through the rest of the dungeons. Those are neat and as great as aLttP was, it does not easily allow similar moves.



xtndedPlay commented on PS4 and Xbox One Surpass Wii U Lifetime Sales ...:

@Goginho I do not know the stats on early Wii U failure rates but it was definitely an issue for Nintendo as well. I am in the US and bought mine Black Friday last year and it bricked during the Day 1 update. 2 weeks later I received it back and it has worked great ever since. It seems to be a normal launch issue anymore. Companies just don't know for certain until they have many systems unleashed in the wild.



xtndedPlay commented on Zelda-Like Hyper Light Drifter May Come To Wii...:

@djepic209 so at its highest range the dev kit cost's 3000. Usually the Wii U ports are occurring about a month to a few months after indie titles release on other platforms depending on the developer. So why is it costing drastically much more to put the same indie title on a Wii U after the artwork, music, story, etc, and coding has already been created? All I am seeking is how game after game can be created for PC and iOS, two different architectures, and often times ported to other current-gen consoles with even different architecture than PC or iOS and then there is a huge jump in a goal just to bring the same games to Wii U. Obviously dev kits are not justifying these huge goal jumps to Wii U. In most cases, we are not hearing about all of these additional features coming to the Wii U version, so why is it so incredibly more expensive to port to Wii U for indies using Kickstarter? People have responded defensively to my question. How come more people are not legitimizing the question? It occurs time and time again that we read these stories about indie games coming out on Kickstarter that set outrageous Wii U goals by comparison to other platforms.



xtndedPlay commented on Zelda-Like Hyper Light Drifter May Come To Wii...:

@Pod I may be the rare exception but often I would just be happy with an equivalent port. And Nintendo has been courting indies with free dev kits since April. It was posted on this site: If the fact that it is labelled as rumor on this site makes you leery you can do a web search to read about it on various other sites. A straight port to Wii U architecture or more still in Unity does not IMO justify the oft disparity of Wii U stretch goals to games. It appears more like fleecing hungry Wii U owners. That is why many of us wait until the goals are met AND an actual release before supporting a game with a purchase.



xtndedPlay commented on Ubisoft: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag's Team...:

The beauty of Gamefly is a lengthy rental that could lead to less expensive purchase price if I decide it is good enough to keep. If the game is not that great, that is fine, I will return it and have another one in a week. $60 saved.



xtndedPlay commented on Zelda-Like Hyper Light Drifter May Come To Wii...:

Steps to being an indie publisher:
1. Come up with a truly inspiring game
2. Clearly articulate how much you are inspired by Nintendo games and would like to see your game come to the platform.
3. Put a reasonable and attainable PC, iOS goal down.
4. Add additional features and levels goals.
5. Slap on a stretch goal a ridiculous leap from all previous stretch goals for a Wii U version. This in spite of the fact if you ported to iOS you could have ported using the Unity Engine making it readily available for Wii U as well.

(In no way is this an indictment against Shiryu's game. That seemed quite reasonable.)



xtndedPlay commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD...:

I worked and played through the original on Gamecube. I was disappointed in the art design then but the story surprises were nice. This version does look very nice but it is difficult for me to get hyped up about this game. I understand the desire to pickup some ideas for Zelda U but I would have liked to see something like this come out after there was a solid library of original Wii U titles. If not for the Indie titles and the fact at my house the Wii U is used for TV, it would probably sit and collect dust. I bought SMBU and Lego City Undercover and I am disappointed with the Q4 lineup, aside from the multi-plats. DKC was amazing... the first time I played it on SNES. It was even a nice piece of nostalgia on the Wii. It takes much rationalizing for me to think that the new DK is necessary and thus to excited about it. It really seems like Nintendo is rehashing or reusing what they know to buy time while they work on new HD titles. It just seems a little baffling because they seem to have been prepared in the previous console generations. I am moderately excited about SMK8 but that is still pretty far away. I suspect PS4 will have its own troubles, but they currently have so many titles in development and secured 3rd parties actively advertising for their system, not to mention a horde (so it seems) of indie support.. I am just disappointed with all of the talk and hype promoted about Wii U and the reality of a lack of support by 3rd party and Nintendo itself. I feel pretty burned by the entire experience. I grew up pro-Nintendo (in the 1980's), argued fanboyishly against Sega, Sony and MS but it is pretty tough to defend the console after the past year.



xtndedPlay commented on Metroid Prime Trilogy Now Available At GameSto...:

I like GameStop less and less and while the games draw me in as I pass by the store in the mall, the name almost disgusts me. I stick with Gamefly and if I really like a game, I buy it. I have saved myself from much heartache I used to experience purchasing games by using Gamefly. For me, it has been worth the price. You have paid for it with 4 rentals.



xtndedPlay commented on Interview: Denis Dyack on Shadow of the Eterna...:

The game looks neat and I would like to see it realized. I definitely understand everyone's comments on the trust factor. Reading Dyack's responses to many of the questions seemed vague generalities at best. It looks like it could really be a good game if it all came together.