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Male, Canada

name:xj0462 occupation: gamer Likes: video games, WWII fighter planes, pokemon, mario, SEGA Genesis Dislikes: work, heat, insects,school, long line ups Hates: overly strcit people, non air conditioned vehicles, nazis or nazi-ish people,trolls, bad drivers,

Tue 31st May, 2011

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xj0462 commented on Video: Which 8-bit Version Of Ghostbusters Are...:

as far is i care, the best ghostbusters games are in tis order best to worst:
#1 the 2009 ghostbusters game
#2 the sega genesis ghostbusters
#3 new ghostbusters 2/ ghostbusters 2 gameboy
#4 american ghostbusters 2
#5 ghostbusters SOS
#6 the old activison game