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Wed 3rd Apr 2013

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xerox commented on Nintendo Announces "Monster Hunter: Gift & Hun...:

people if you haven’t a friend to give this code you could give that code to me it would be nice because here where i live i can’t buy the psychical or the digital copy of this game i would appreciate this very much..



xerox commented on Feature: A Brief History of Pokémon - Part One:

good times..back than i was in the 3t grade and played football(socer) and i remember a day when we had a game and a guest supporter come'd to me and he said : hey you if you let a goll in for our squad i have 3 pokemon cards in exchange and i was like: WHAT ! let me see them first hahah. besides yet im in the university and have made 2 clips about pokemon in my free time here are one that i just made before 1 2 days. besides great and a very emotional articel



xerox commented on Fresh Pokémon X And Y Details Emerge: New Pok...:

oh man look at those graphics and gameplay we 90 era of players dreamed much about this to happend and finaly in 2013 on a portable system the main series in fully glory 3d october you have to speed up



xerox commented on Smartphones And Tablets To Be "Primary Screen ...:

yeah but dont forget if nintendo just want they can make the next generation of handheld for example Nintendo HDS wich can be used also as a smartphone and it should have a hd output so you could link it with your Tv , you just have to buy the controllers to play it on your tv if not you can have it with you and play anywhere you like , it shoul be like it can be divided in 2 pices one like a smartphone and than when you want to play all you need to do is just to unite the 2 pices and play with thee dedicated buttons but it should have stuning specs this would be a gamechanger for nintendo just my idea



xerox commented on Talking Point: It's Time for a 3DS Storage Upg...:

@manu0 no i noticed the diferenc very well after i bought a 16 gb class 10 memory the loading time in mario kart 7 for example goes like 2 times better than the 4gb that came with my 3ds xl.and in other occasions to the difference is clear



xerox commented on Video: Get a First Look at This Jett Rocket II...:

@Manfred hi i'm very impressed from your staf skills in making games good looking and good playing too i have one question for you i would like to now from a programer like you if the 3ds version of game is the same or between the wii one in terms of graphics and if the 3ds is as powerfull as the wii wich some say ,besides i have big respect for you guys