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Wed 10th Apr 2013

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xDarkLink commented on Rumour: Tomodachi Collection: New Life Update ...:

Well, its a glitch that causes the game to become broken & unstable, so of course they're gonna fix it.
If it didn't cause any negative effects, they probably wouldn't have bothered with it.
The fact that they're fixing this glitch has nothing to do with Nintendo's view on Homosexual relationships.
Now if they intentionally built the game to support gay marriage & then Patched it out for whatever reason, then that would open room for discussion.



xDarkLink commented on New Legend Of Zelda Title Confirmed For Ninten...:

Mario&Luigi Dream Team, Yoshi's Island 3DS, Bravely Default, Shin Megami Tensei IV, AND A Link To The Past Sequel!
Holy poopies, this really is the best Handheld ever made! They should've just called it the Super Nintendo 3DS. XD
I wished they would've talked more about the Wii U, but I think its pretty obvious that they're gonna stay quiet about it until E3 & they're getting all of the 3DS stuff out of the way so they have more time at the event.
Regardless, this was one of the Best Nintendo Directs ever!