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Wed 23rd Sep 2009

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xCapt commented on Review: Zombie Panic in Wonderland (WiiWare):

no one mentioned that its not compatible w/ the wii zapper due to the A button being the granade launcher. you can find a way, but its not intuitive. bosses after “pheasant dooog mon?!” are definitely uninspired (downright boring). wish it had online leader board and a way to actually save your initials w/ high scores. however, the game is still pretty darn cool. i would say its in the 7-8 range. lots of charm. played through entire game, unlocked everything that i know of.



xCapt commented on Wii Internet Channel Now Free!:

the nintendo internet channel should have been free anyhow! why does nintendo deny their customers the decision of how to spend their reimbursement of 500 ($5.00) points? i know its only $5.00, but i want my $5.00 back. there are other games on other platforms worth 500 pts., and whos to say that we couldnt just add 500 pts. to our current wii pts. and get whatever we want. somehow, being offered only a nes title just doesnt cut it. 500 points for 500 points, fair and square, no strings attached. speaking of strings attached, why wasnt the lan adaptor (min. requirement for internet) included w/ the wii. it seems that with nintendo its just one thing after another... oh, and i might add that altered beast used to be 800 points and now costs 1000 pts. am i wrong? is anyone else getting ticked off?