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Mon 11th May 2009

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wuggle commented on Review: Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! (...:

I just had to register so I could second the review given by Calculon at comment 17. This game is actually a lot of fun!

I too fondly remember the original and still occasionally play it on my arcade cabinet and initially I was disappointed that the original arcade version was not included however the more I played this new version the more I realised I had to let go of the past and enjoy this game for the remake/re-image that it was.

Its fast, frantic and very addictive with that 'must have just one more go' feel about it.

The only thing I do agree with from the original review is it does feel like a cross between Rainbow Islands and Mr Driller... and personally I love Mr Driller too so that isn't a bad combination!

I'd rate it at least a 7 or 8 out of 10.