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Sun 30th Jun 2013

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World commented on Sony Hardware and Exclusives Dominate in Japan...:

@Yorumi Thanks for the info! That's good to know! I notice they are a little cheaper than when it launched, but the big ones are still ridiculous compared to SD, but I guess if there's no need to upgrade to them then that's not too bad!



World commented on Sony Hardware and Exclusives Dominate in Japan...:

@Yorumi For what it's worth, I definitely wanted a Vita because I mostly only have time for portable gaming and there's very little overlap between the games offered on it versus the 3DS, but the fact that it used overpriced proprietary memory cards put me off. Who knows though, I still think about getting one sometimes!

Maybe I'm in the minority because I don't hear anyone talking about the Vita, but I did get into a conversation about it at a store this morning so possibly some people are catching on...



World commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

To be honest, I wanted a New 3DS but the early shortages put me off. Not sure if I'm representative or not, but the thing that's going to get me to buy into a console is availability. I'm not going to preorder-camp for the five minutes it might be open, and I'm not buying from scalpers. It wasn't accessible during the early window, and I personally just lost interest and soon realized the 3DS XL was good enough until the next major console shift.

Maybe that's just me, but I wonder if sheer lack of availability initially soured some people on buying one.



World commented on Bravely Second "Tomahawk" Costume Change Confi...:

@PlywoodStick Whoa, I wish we had a like button for this post! Good history lesson for us non-Americans (I'm Canadian and I didn't know some of this).

I hadn't thought of the possibility that they could have done it respectfully with a little research and it would've been fine. You're probably very right.



World commented on Bravely Second "Tomahawk" Costume Change Confi...:

@Mode7 Yeah, exactly! "Tomahawk" isn't a job, and Native people face tons of discrimination as it is.

By contrast, the Bishop is incredibly Catholic (prays multiple times as a skill; totally Catholic, haha), but: a) Catholics don't really face discrimination per se, and b) Bishop is a legit thing that Catholics can be. I'm Catholic and my reaction was just "prays twice, lol" because I can reasonably assume I won't face that sort of thing in real life.



World commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

Although it'd be cool to see something new, given the incredible risk of introducing a new IP at a system launch, I'd like to see a new Pilotwings game. They seem to make perfect launch titles. Light on content, but show off the system's features.

For third party, I basically hope sports games (well, specifically football/soccer titles) become a thing at all again?



World commented on Video: Bravely Second: End Layer Story Trailer...:

Is that Cam Clarke as the villain? Amazing! Can't have a cheesy English dub without him (I mean that in the best way possible; he's great, haha)!

I still find those character models weird for some reason, but this definitely looks good so far!



World commented on Talking Point: The Allure of the Virtual Conso...:

@Yorumi For somewhat different reasons (got tired of being recommended games on here, only to not find them on the VC), I decided to start collecting retro games too! But, like what you said, the insufficiency of the VC still made me go, "I could totally just go buy physical copies of these games."

I wonder how many people are like that?



World commented on Nintendo Download: 14th January (North America):

Will definitely try that demo of The Keep. Not sure if it's my thing exactly, but that's why demos exist!

City Builder is also on my radar. Might hold out for some reviews/until I finish some of the games I have already!



World commented on Atlus CEO, Naoto Hiraoka, Promises a Year of P...:

Ahhh! Love EO...don't love Untold. I hope that EOV is more like IV than Untold, but honestly there's no way I'm NOT buying it so I'll just have to live with the Fafnir Knights and the Millennium Girls if they happen.



World commented on Review: AVOIDER (Wii U eShop):

@9th_Sage Yeah, I was going to say the same thing! I feel like these games would work better as parts of a bigger game. Like TABLETOP GALLERY, except with unlockables and achievements or some overarching reason to keep playing?



World commented on Editorial: Let's Make 2016 a Year of Nintendo ...:

Love this! One of those classic articles that makes me glad I come here for my Nintendo-related news.
While I sometimes don't get the kind of dark humor (I assume it's humor?) in some of these editorials, I love how there's usually a balance of viewpoints. Nothing is ever just amazing or just terrible, and I think that's what I expect to see out of Nintendo's 2016. Hopefully more "up" than "down," though!



World commented on Review: Molly Maggot (Wii U eShop):

Whatever else, the way @GNOBsoftware is handling the feedback like a pro is definitely awesome.

For what it's worth though, "grid-based game" honestly sounds like the kind of game I'd play. Having "maggot digging through a corpse" layered on top of that isn't so much my thing though.



World commented on Review: Molly Maggot (Wii U eShop):

Honestly, this seems like a parody of a bad eShop game. Good gameplay can win out over a bad concept every time, but "you are a maggot tbh" — really?



World commented on Review: Molly Maggot (Wii U eShop):

@Spin I think if you're careful with your game and open to feedback, you'll find your way. Sometimes people just don't finish their games and dump them on the eShop to make quick money from the "so bad it's good" crowd.



World commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Can Exploit Its Rich H...:

I really have no interest at all in remasters (and I realize I might think differently when my current favorite games become retro), but I see how they apparently make money and they're mostly produced by outside studios--so why not?



World commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2016:

The two games I really want to see haven't been announced (new Pokemon) or confirmed (Etrian V) for this year yet.

From this list, Hyrule Warriors probably. I don't even like the Warriors games but the abundance of content (and characters I like) makes up for the repetitiveness, I think. I plan on maybe getting FF to play local multiplayer if it reviews decently.



World commented on Weirdness: Gamer Keeps Super Famicom On For 20...:

This is one of my favorite series and, yes, having an awesome replay is satisfying but I mean

@blackice85 I know some paranoid people would rather have the battery die than open the casing. But maybe he just didn't know. Or is just THAT MUCH of an Umihara fanboy (could be; it's pretty awesome)



World commented on Talking Point: 2015 - A Peculiar Year of New, ...:

I agree with the general sentiment that this has been an underwhelming year for Nintendo, aside from a few high-profile releases.

That said, I think it was a really GREAT year for third parties/indies! I bought no new first-party games this year, but I've never bought so many games in one year before! There was obviously the Humble Bundle which helps, and then just a lot of really great games that seemed like very unsafe bets (A-Train, to name one example).



World commented on Bayonetta Confirmed as New Challenger in Super...:

@Kirk Yeah, I'd say what probably happened is that there were a lot of votes for totally impossible left-field choices like Goku, ones trapped in license limbo like K. Rool, and return fighters that wouldn't make sense to now charge for as DLC (oldcomers?). I'd say Bayonetta probably appeared on the list SOMEWHERE, and was possibly just the most obviously marketable/even possible choice overall.

While you're right that it'd start a huge argument (and probably bore some people), I'd love to see the mechanics behind this ballot. Who knows, maybe they'll do it again!



World commented on Video: Your Washed-Up Parent Can't Handle Mode...:

@bagajr Yeah, that's actually a good point. One reason why there are guys like that dad in the commerical isn't because they're too old. It's because they didn't invest the time it takes to get through all the tutorials.

Older games have a steeper learning curve, but ultimately you CAN pick up and play them (just maybe not expect to be good at them, heh).



World commented on Video: Your Washed-Up Parent Can't Handle Mode...:

@Yorumi I guess I'm guilty of looking for boxed copies, because I can shelve them more easily..but I guess I could buy replacement cases.

But yeah, I've found some good ones for that range. Mostly GBA and GBC stuff (since I can actually play those).



World commented on Video: Your Washed-Up Parent Can't Handle Mode...:

@Kirk Some of the people on this site have gotten me into the good old stuff. I love the idea of those consoles, and would LOVE to have more physical stuff but so many of the classics are jacked to collector premium prices and then I just feel like "well, I could buy a new game for half that."



World commented on Video: Your Washed-Up Parent Can't Handle Mode...:

I thought this was the rare adorable Christmas commercial. Didn't seem depressing at all to me. The dad just likes the NES? I didn't see anything "lol old dude can't game" about it. He just wasn't having any of that a percentage of people on this site!



World commented on Code Of Princess And Yumi's Odd Odyssey Studio...:

Disappointing, but all of the Umihara games have been published by different companies (some of which have also disappeared). They've even been developed by different companies (although the main team stays the same mostly?). Anyway, they called it Sayonara because they expected it would be the last game so this isn't a big surprise.

This IS one of my favorite game series though, so I'm going to go hang out and/or commiserate with the Mother/Earthbound fans now...



World commented on Pokémon Now Has an Official Tumblr Page, For ...:

Nice to see that Business Suit Pikachu left his unpaid internship and his now living is dream as a Tumblr moderator (ok, maybe not MY dream job but hey).

@Kaze_Memaryu You're totally right. Functionality-wise, Tumblr is still the best (popular) platform for sharing art, but it's become a game of avoiding the power users. I guess the same could really be said of most social media platforms, but Tumblr is especially scary in that way.



World commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd December (North America):

Will definitely check out Pokemon Picross, and will take a look at that Hatsune Miku theme.

After those sales last week (I got A-Train and Inazuma Eleven), I'm glad this is a slower update! (I already lack time to play those two games, but the holidays are coming?)



World commented on Poll: Nintendo's Free-to-Play Experiments - Ar...:

I can see how this can go horribly wrong, but some of the FTP ventures have been pretty safe. I like how Rumble World (and Rusty...and Stretchmo) has a spending cap. It's the kind of system I hope they stick with for other games. Shuffle is on the other end of this for me; I won't even look at it because of its brutal microtransaction structure.

Soemthing like Badge Center, meanwhile, seems to fall somewhere in between. Most people aren't going to feel the need to pay for EVERY badge so it's probably not that unethical for most players. But the potential is there, and I'm not a fan of that.



World commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Its Black Friday ...:

Not bad. I might get Inazuma Eleven so I can have that digital copy ready to load whenever.

Honestly, I think it's cool that Nintendo even HAS sales now. Maybe if these things continue to be successful they might do them more frequently?



World commented on Editorial: It's Not Fun to Criticise Nintendo ...:

It's too bad that an editorial like this even has to exist. Not every game will be good, and Nintendo is clearly in a transition time right now so their output is going to be all muddled and directionless. But bad reviews aren't going to make it illegal for someone to have fun with something like the new Mario Tennis (and who knows, maybe someone new to the series might find it okay).

But yeah, I agree that Nintendo's output hasn't been the best this year. I don't buy a ton of games to begin with, but I haven't bought any first party titles in 2015. But, again, they're trying to do a whole lot of different new things at once and it's clearly not going so smoothly. Who knows what 2016 will look like.



World commented on Shigesato Itoi Explains, Once Again, Why Mothe...:

As difficult as it can be for fans who want new stuff, not everything needs to be a series with infinite sequels. Let the characters live on in other things (like Ness and Lucas do in Smash Bros.), but some ideas are better left at less games.

(I say this more as an Umihara Kawase fan than a Mother series fan, though. Like, sure, there were only technically three fully original entries in that series too. But it's not like those games go away when we say "sayonara.")