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United Kingdom

Fri 2nd Dec 2011

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wordmongerer commented on Nintendo Doesn't Want a 3DS Price Situation on...:

I think the main thing Nintendo needs to do is drop the "Wii" from the title and change the design a bit. Consumers did not see the benefits of the 3RD because it sounded the same and looked the same. Every Nintendo console until now has had a different look and name from the one that came before. If it feels like just an update then a lot of people will not get it at first. Perhaps if its just called the Nintendo U? If it can upres existing games that might make a few people switch early (having seen emulators running Wii games at HD I assume this must be possible).

Lastly they should make a big deal on how there will be a variety of ways to play using classic controllers, wiimotes and the U controller. One of the benefits of the Wii is the variety of play styles you can get because of that versatility. They're going to have to market this at the hard core gamers first I think, especially with the higher price tag and try and pick up casual gamers down the road.