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United States

Thu 30th Jun 2011

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wolvesanyone commented on Review: Little King's Story (Wii):

I love this game so much, the art style is cute and the gameplay is awesome. The only thing is, the camera sometimes drives me insane.
I think I'm a bad ruler because my people are always dying, good thing they have no choice but to do my bidding lol.



wolvesanyone commented on Review: Yoshi's Island DS (DS):

I was deprived of video games as a child, so I don't have very high standards now. Even so, for some reason I can't place, I didn't enjoy this game. I don't know why, I expected to be in love with it, instead I found myself to be very disappointed. I guess I found it boring compared to other Mario games. :/ The graphics were cute though and I loved playing as the different colored Yoshi's.