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Tue 23rd Mar 2010

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wizball-23 commented on Nintendo Download: 19th June (North America):

@Captain_Gonru Totally agree. The only reason Sony do cross-buy is in a desperate attempt to push the kind of sub-par software that would never sell otherwise. Rubbish like Minecraft, Spelunky, Flower, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, a whole bunch of Final Fantasy games — stuff that nobody likes. Shoddy, sub-par software that Nintendo would never feature in the eShop, such as Guacamelee! and Retro City Rampage and Another World. Spot on, Captain.



wizball-23 commented on Review: Inchworm Animation (DSiWare):

...Would love to be able to mess around with this or Flipnote Studio. Don't think my DS Lite will be mutating into a DSi anytime soon though.

I don't suppose anyone's heard of a similar program for the Mac platform?

(...Also, I love the name.)



wizball-23 commented on Nintendo Insists That Apple's iPad Isn't a Threat:

Hmm... Looking at my DS library on the shelf behind me, there's an awful lot of games that I imagine would play just as well—if not better—on an iPad or iPhone. Many of them are favourites of mine: Electoplankton, Ouendan, Zookeeper, Trauma Centre...

Also, it seems to me that the iPhone, iPod Touch, and now the iPad, are responsible for getting a lot of new people interested in video games. I keep on meeting people—"non-gamers"—who have become addicted to Plants Vs Zombies or Air Traffic Controller or Field Runners.

(As far as the iPhone OS not being a "viable profit platform"—oh boy... Tell that to the Canabalt lads, who are still making "pretty decent money" on a port of a free online flash game!)